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Friday, November 29, 2013

30 Days of Creativity - Day 30 - A Stained Glass Mosaic Block

Well it's Day 30 of my "30 Days of Creativity" journey and I have something really, really special to share.  I've been working on it on and off for about two weeks now and I was finishing the last stage, grouting, this morning so that's why the post is so late... but worth the wait I hope... This is what the block looks like outside with the sun shining through it ...
But it also has small white Christmas lights inside and this is what i looks like plugged in...
I am hoping to use it outside on my patio in the summer - sparkling during the day and a beautiful lighted accent at night..
Here is some detail...
I LOVE covering things in glass... 

and now for the next step... what do you think about combining metal art with stained glass mosaic? Grin

Thank you for sharing this journey with me ... it took me to places I did not expect and I am so full of creative energy these days... I just may BURST!  I am leaving for a two-week hot holiday in the next couple of days so I will be taking a wee break from all this creativity - except of course I will have my small watercolor palette to play with so I won't suffer too much from creative withdrawal!

Cheers and please do leave me a comment letting me know what you thought about all this "creativity stuff" SMILE
Scrapbook Lynne


  1. My mouth is hanging open and my crafty brain is going at a hundred miles and hour Lynn. This is sensational - not sure about the sharp stuff for me though :) Love the idea of the light and the beautiful colours.
    Brain is swirling with your gorgeous concept.
    Hot holiday? Come to Australia!

  2. Simply FABulous!!! I love her Lynne! oh you should teach a class with this one.. I love her day or night! GREAT JOB!!

  3. This is absolutely, totally STUNNING!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! Cheers, Di

  4. wow!!!!!! amazing!!!!!!!! love this!

  5. Awesome! Your mosaic is absolutely amazing!

  6. All that I can say is a great big WOW!!! Your mosaic box is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. it looks beautiful. The glass mosaic tiles are very popular these years thanks to its beautifull decoration.
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