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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Doodling, Stamps and Watercolors... WHO KNEW?!

I would like to dedicate this page to one of my favorite instructors - SUSAN K. WECKESSER for showing me how to access my Inner Doodler!!  This layout is a combination of Doodling, Stamping and my very first efforts at watercolor backgrounds... I Love it!! Sigh...
I am also submitting this layout as an entry into Susan's April, Create to Live Challenge on her Blog, check it out you have until the end of the month for this one and there is a new challenge every month.

More than a year ago I took an amazing scrapbooking class from Susan Weckesser about doodling on your scrapbooking layouts.  Susan is one of "our own", a Canadian artist, instructor, scrapbooker, photographer and business woman with her own line of paper, stamps and stencils (of which I own most and LOVE them ALL!)  You can check out more about Susan HERE!  

Now, I struggled in that class and by the end of it my page looked a lot like the top of my desk in grade 10, small scribbles everywhere and NOT what I was hoping to achieve. I was a little discouraged, but I did not stop and for the past year or so, I have kept at it acquiring some doodling confidence, being less critical of myself and getting bigger and more colorful... and now LOOK WHAT I MADE!!

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  1. Love it...but then you already know that ;-)

  2. I'm glad I can type this because I wouldn't be able to jaw is sitting in my lap! Lynne, this is GAW-JUS!!! Love EVERYTHING about your layout! I am in awe!

    1. Thank you Chris... you totally make me BLUSH! I love your stuff tooooo you know ... grin

  3. This is fabulous Lynne! Sometimes we just have to let go don't we. Your doodling and colour sense is terrific. Thank you for joining in at My Sweet Earth.

  4. Love it Lynne..woohoo!!
    Thanks for joining in at My Sweet Earth.
    Hugs Tracy xxx

  5. Girl..... You are simply amazing!!!! xo


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