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Monday, October 29, 2012

Sometimes Life Gets Messy... So why not Wear an Apron!

I'm a JUST DO IT kinda girl and I am MESSY when I am doing it! It doesn't matter whether I am in the kitchen, in the garden or playing in my studio, when I am immersed in the creative process - trying to scratch that idea out of my head and make it take some kind of tangible shape - I just DON'T CARE about my clothes!  And there came a day when I realized that every piece of clothing I owned (that wasn't a dress) was stained with either dirt, or food or ink or paint!  So out of sheer necessity I started to wear aprons - at first just to protect my clothes, but then they became a kind of uniform that said, "Don't mess with me right now.. I am WORKING!"

Working in my Garden.. Yes, that's what I wear!
But why oh WHY do working aprons have to be so Ugly!  I know you can find cute little aprons with ruffles and bows that look like little Audrey Hepburn dresses, but I don't have that 1950's housewife body with the tiny little waist that you need to really pull off that look.  Plus I need a BIG apron... a WORKING apron - one that covers me from neck to knees and goes all the way around!  But let's face it those aprons are all UGLY, and I still want to look good when I am working, so what to do?  I don't own a sewing machine and stitching by hand is just too much work to put into an apron that will end up being stained and "well used"!  So I was at a loss until one day, by total accident, I discovered that you can color on fabric using Copic markers!  You can even shade and layer colors and add dimension! AND if you heat set your work with a hot iron, you can wash it too -  WHO KNEW!  So I have been playing around with coloring my aprons.  First free-hand, but then I tried stamping my apron with a pattern of images and then doing the coloring - Fast-Easy-and PRETTY!

So ... Here it is being revealed for the first time... 
A new Stamped & Colored Apron created by Me... 
and my first project as Guest Designer for the Susan K. Weckesser Design Team using the stamp set "Poised and Pretty" by Unity Stamps:

For detailed instructions on how I created this apron please go to the Susan K. Weckesser DT blog
Christine modeling my newApron

The details

Don't you just LOVE the shading!!!

Life is GOOD!

Well, it's official... effective November 1st I am on the myStamp Box Design Team (Big GIANT Smile!) and I cannot WAIT to share with you all my ideas for the things you can do with the stamps from this wonderful Canadian company!  My first "official" post will not be released until the November 1st reveal on their blog but I want to give you a little "sneak peak" into one of the projects that I have been working on: (Shhhhhh - don't tell - grin)

 Here's the birthday card I created for a dear friend whose birthday was yesterday...

Happy Birthday Tanya.... GRIN!
I used the new "Floating Leaves" stamp set from myStamp Box and just heat embossed the images using a bronze embossing powder on an autumn colored patterned paper from Basic Grey - No coloring required - then cut them out, layered, popped and glued... DONE!
Now Enjoy!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Little "Christmas Love"...

I just had to share a wonderful event that is the brainchild of Susan K. Weckesser:

The basic idea is that you "spread some love" by crafting something - ANYTHING - and then you share it with someone - anyone - even a total stranger! After which you upload a photo and/or post about your experience on Susan's blog.  And as if that's not enough, you are then entered into the random draws that Susan makes over a 2 1/2 month period.  It has really taken off over the past couple of years and there is even a badge that you can grab for your own blog if you participate ( I LOVE that!).   And now along with Susan's own amazing line of products, prizes are now being provided by other people and companies as more and more people  "Share the LOVE".  Check out this amazing offer from Unity Stamps for this year's campaign... 

So I encourage you to check it out, the stories are heartwarming and they are coming in from all over the world.  Personally I love how it helps us all to feel connected in a very personal and touching way, so WHY NOT join in on the fun and maybe help to brighten up some one's day...SMILE!

Monday, October 1, 2012

A Brand New Adventure for me....

I am tickled PINK to share my newest adventure with all of you...

I have LOVED Susan Weckesser's amazing creations ever since I was first introduced to them back in 2010 when she was SuzieBee Studios, but I also admire her as an artist and as a genuinely warm and caring person.  It is a joy to watch her living her dream of being a full-time artist while raising and supporting her family ... so to be selected to be a Guest Designer for her first ever design team feels like Christmas Morning!  

Here are some cards that I created with one of her new Unity stamp sets and I cannot wait to share more with you, so stay tuned!