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All of the cards, layouts, handmade items and art work displayed on this website are copyright to me, Lynne Mizera. Of course I hope to inspire and encourage you and would be morethan happy for you to use any of my work to that end; however, please respect me and my work and do not directly copy any of my projects without crediting me or enter any of my work into any magazines or competitions without my express written permission. All my cards, layouts, projects and art work are not to be used by any commercial enterprise for any financial, marketing or commercial gain.

Some Stuff About Me...

Hello Visitor!, First off let me say THANK YOU for stopping in to Visit me and I hope you keep coming back (Smile)
My name is Lynne Mizera and these are some of the things which define me:

 I love life, Love people and LOVE to laugh;  

I am a 55 years YOUNG grandmother and am blessed with Grandsons... many of them!  I am an AWESOME Grandma!


I am Proudy Canadian and I live in Beautiful Creston, British Columbia, right in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, on a one-acre piece of property surrounded by fruit trees and flowers and but with a view of the mountains that is so beautiful it makes my heart sing! 

I recently moved from the province of Alberta, where the prairies meet the Rockies... but the call of those Rocky Mountains was so strong we just had to move there!

I LOVE food in all its forms (to eat it, to make it and to feed it to people - grin!) and I consider red wine a food group.

I have been a creative soul all my life and I HAVE to create something everyday or I become emotionally unbalanced!  

I love to share my creativity and because of that I have held positions on many, many design teams in the past (You can check out  my blog for a list of past and present positions)

I am honoured to have had my work published in several magazines in Canada, the US and the UK, and I gravitate towards vibrant, bright colours and bold but simple layouts. 
I Am A Badger!
In 2013 I unchained the artist from the basement of my soul and allowed her to finally Fly Fee through the wonderful world of Tamara LaPorte's LIFEBOOK 2013, and 2015 and 2016 and my life has now Changed Again as I explore the wonderful painty, inky world of mixed media and Art Journalling.
My Fairy "Art Mother"

My Eyes are blue, my hair is curly and the rest is subject to change without notice.  

Me in 2014 - I look this happy because I am in Mexico AND looking up makes all my chins disappear!
The  REAL Me one year later (2015) NOT done up... Grin

2016, on my 54th birthday- and again NOT done up... Grin
and here I am today in 2017 on my 55th birthday... Not bad for a Canadian Grandma, Eh?

I would be honoured to share my creativite life with you, so please stop by often and do leave me some cyber love in the form of comments on my blog posts.

Lynne Mizera, Mixed

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  1. Really well done, Lynne! And if you ask me, you don't live in Water Valley, you live in Paradise!! Hugs, Darnell


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