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Monday, January 22, 2018

Using Glass Paints On Canvas - Who Knew?! - A Tutorial By Lynne Mizera

Hello and Happy Day everyone!  I am here today to share my monthly mixed media tutorial with all of you, one of my very favorite duties every month, and today I am sharing how I used my Pebeo glass paints with a stencil on a 5x7 board canvas to create this wonderful little piece that I can now pop into a frame (or not) and gift to someone special.
The steps are pretty simple, but the process takes a while as you need to allow the glass paints to dry and they do NOT like it if you try to quicken the process with a heat gun! (WARNING... heat and glass paints create fumes!!)  But if you give yourself the time to allow these paints to dry the results are spectacular.  So scroll down through all my photos to see how I created this wonderful piece...
 Begin by taping the stencil to the canvas and tracing the  shapes in pencil
Next, using Pebeo Cerne Relief, outline the shapes making sure there are no gaps in the lines, because you are creating cells to fill with product and you do not want any to leak out.

The Cerne Relief dries surprisingly quickly and in about 20 minutes you are ready to start filling those cells with color.  I am using a variety of Pebeo glass paints, The Vitrail is translucent and gives a stained glass effect, the Ceramic is opaque and looks like baked enamel and he Prisme and Moon paints dry to form a beautiful pounded metal effect... swoon...
As you can see I use a pretty simple method of dipping a wooden skewer into the paint and letting it run off the skewer into the cell... that's it, just be patient as the liquid is fairly thick and needs some time to move... it reminds me of when I was a kid and used to watch the molasses drip off the spoon... it's very therapeutic.

If I drip Prisme or Moon paint into a cell already filled with some Vitrail paint (the clear one), the Prisme or Moon paints rise to the surface and create these lovely, pounded metal effects...
This part of the process is one that cannot be rushed, and I just allowed myself to become lost in the process of creating until all the cells were filled... and now (I cannot stress this enough) LET IT DRY!  Overnight is probably the best and even then, if you are in a humid climate, it may still be tacky.  
Once the glass paints had dried I painted all around the heart shape with a matte black gesso.  Of course you can use black paint, but acrylic paints are glossy and I loved the effect of a matte (not shiny) background against the shiny, baked enamel-looking heart.
Next I painted in the heart shape using my Golden fluid acrylic gold paint, because I think Gold makes everything better,  don't you?
It was at this point that I decided the background was too plain so using some Dreamweaver bronze metallic embossing paste and the Square City stencil I broke up the black background, and I did not worry too much about being perfect because I wanted a slightly messy, grungy look.
At this point was also when I decided that all the patterns in the cells was just too busy for me, so I filled them all in using the Pebeo Porcelaine paint pen in red and I liked the effect much more.
I added the sentiment using the "It's All About You" stamp set, which I stamped and heat embossed with a clear embossing powder so the glossy letters would go with the glossy  heart.  And finally I filled all the gold background with a layer of glitter so that heart sparkles from across the room!
It was really hard to get a good photo of all the shimmer and glitter and shiny bits of this canvas, but these two are not bad...

And finally for those of you that need to know, here are all the products I used on this project.
As always, thank you for popping by to see what I created to share with you this month, and if you are inspired by my tutorial to use your stencils, please do link up to the January Mixed Media Challenge where it is always anything goes except a card as long as you use a stencil, Any stencil.

Lynne Mizera
for the STAMPlorations Mixed Media Design Team

STAMPlorations Products Used:
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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Love Yourself... A Mixed Media Art Journal Page

Happy Sunday everyone... today for Stencil Sunday over at STAMPlorations, I am sharing this wonderful mixed media page I created in my personal Art Journal. 
Now before I share all my photos, let me just say... I Love working in my Art Journal because this is where ANYTHING GOES. I have given myself permission to do whatever comes to me and even to make "ugly stuff", which takes off all the pressure to create that masterpiece every single time, because, let's face it, even Rembrandt painted a few pictures that he didn't like.  And usually, if I just start and keep adding to the page and don't over think what I am doing, it gets better and better.  So here is a photo of my finished page and and a few process photos along the way.

If you would like more details and a step-by-step tutorial showing you how I use my Art Journal and how I created these pages, got HERE to this post where I detail all the steps in my process...
So thank you for popping in again to see what I am up to, and if I have inspired you to go play with your stencils consider linking up to our monthly Mixed Media Challenge where it is ALWAYS Anything Goes Except a Card as long as you use a stencil, any stencil.  (And please do leave me a comment if you like what you are seeing.)

Lynne Mizera
for the STAMPlorations Mixed Media Design Team

STAMPlorations Products Used:
Bloom Silhouettes
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Hidden Heart

Friday, January 12, 2018

Using Your Glue Gun to Create Stencils!

Hello and happy day everyone!  Today we are starting a New Challenge over at the Sisterhood for Snarky Stampers, and Edna Says: "T" is for Technique! Now, if you are a regular visitor to my little blog space you know that I LOVE to try and share new and wonderful ways to use what you already have on hand in different, and sometimes unusual ways.
... and that is what I am going to share with you today - So raise your hand if you have one (or six?) hot glue guns hidden away in a drawer collecting dust.  I Do! I Do!
But I pulled them out at Christmas and discovered, totally by accident, that the hot glue on my craft mat, once dried, peels off easily and perfectly intact - and my creative brain exploded with ideas!  "Why can't I make my own stencils with hot glue?  But I CAN!"

Now I am not the first person to discover this and if you search YouTube you will find many, many videos of people sharing this technique, but for a few minutes it felt good to think that it was ME that discovered this wonderful way to make me some background stencils using stuff I already have!
So in a whole bunch of photos to follow I am sharing my process, a few of the backgrounds I created and of course a few cards I made using those backgrounds... Enjoy!!
Use a craft mat and a hot glue gun, that's pretty much it!  I sectioned off an area with masking tape to create a 6x8 inch stencil space, but it really was not necessary... I free handed the first few; circles are totally easy and for me, so are hearts... just make sure everything is attached.
Here is the circle stencil after it had cooled and some backgrounds I created using it with my sprays.  Usually I do not use my sprays with stencils because I am never happy with the results, but because the glue stencil is so heavy it worked beautifully with my sprays, very little seeped underneath, like it usually does.  I was quite pleased with how these backgrounds turned out.
Then I decided to get fancy and instead of winging it I drew a pattern on my craft mat with a marker. (Note: Do NOT use your alcohol ink markers if you want to remove the pattern from your craft mat after you are done.) 
It worked beautifully and I used this stencil to create a background in my art journal.  I love the lumpy, bumpy, imperfect-ness of this pattern.

I think I had the most fun with the two heart stencils I made, a vertical and a horizontal, and using all my red, pink, fuchsia and gold sprays...

I am not sure which I like better, the backgrounds I created or the inky paper towels that are left behind - SWOON!
So, if you are not hung up on perfect images, there really is really no limit to what you can create with your glue gun.   I think I will try to make some word stencils my next go around.  And now here are the cards I created using these backgrounds.

Suzi Blu - Mademoiselle
You might think that the colors are too vibrant and the patterns too loud, but actually those same colors and patterns enhance the images I painted and cut out and mounted on these card bases... Note:  All images used are Unity Stamps created by Suzi Blu.

Suzi Blu - Serenity Angel
Suzi Blu - Chickadee and Me

Suzi Blu - Spring Flower Chic

Suzi Blu - Gypsy Warrior
Suzi Blu - Party Love
Suzi Blu - Serenity Angel

Suzi Blu - You Are Loved
So that's it for today... quite enough for one read I think.  I hope you enjoyed this New-To-Me Technique and that it inspires you to pull out that old glue gun and give it a try.  And if it does, why not link up your New Technique-inspired project to our "T" is for Technique Challenge... you have until Friday, January 26th and we always choose a Queen of Snark and her Princesses.

As always, thank you for popping in to see what I am up to and please do leave me a comment if you like what you are seeing. 

Lynne Mizera,