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Friday, September 28, 2012

Send (or be) an Unexpected Gift

Have you ever noticed that when you are going through something really hard, or really dark how it is the smallest, unexpected act of kindness that gives you the strength and courage to keep going?  I have been reflecting upon some pretty rough times in my distant past when I started to remember that there were a handful of times when I felt like I REALLY couldn’t go on, and then a card would appear in the mail or the phone would ring out of the blue and someone would take me to lunch and spend an hour of their life just listening to me!  And why this had such an impact on me was because IT WAS NEVER FAMILY or even close friends, but usually someone that I had met briefly or casually or someone who had heard about my situation through someone else… which is why I still remember all of them - these  almost Strangers who took time out of their busy lives to send me some kindness.   I wish I had paid more attention at the time and expressed how their one act of kindness felt like a lifeline at the time!  But Shoulda….Woulda…. Coulda….. I can’t change the past but I can do something now.

I am currently immersed in my Brave Girls Art School on-line classes

Doodling Funk Flowers - Brave Girls Art School - Lesson 1
and last week we were given an assignment of creating a 3-D collaged flower garden and sending it to someone who is not expecting it and may need a little joy in their lives. (I guess that is what got me thinking about all those times I received unexpected gifts of love and kindness) and I thought WHO can I make this for?  And the name “Dawn” immediately popped into my head!

Dawn's Garden
I met Dawn briefly in June At a women’s empowerment retreat I go to every year called "Scrapbook Your Heart".  A talented and generous soul, she has spent the last 20 years of her life in service to others – especially children. Dawn had made each of us at the retreat a personal journal – there were 80 of us! And each journal was an original, individual work from her heart… EIGHTY OF THEM!  We all cried when we received our gifts, every single one of us!  And then it was announced that she was off to the States the following week to undergo some experimental treatment for the Big “C”.  She did NOT want to be singled out, she was uncomfortable with our thanks, but her journals were a gift to us of how powerful journaling can be in everyone’s life, and her journal to me gave me another little push along the road to recovery and forgiveness that we all walk one way or anther. 

I LOVE my Journal -  it says "The world will tell you that happiness comes from more, bigger, better, newer.  Find out FOR YOURSELF if this is true... when you find the truth, lovely you, be brave enough to live that truth."
 So my Garden goes to Dawn… it is in the mail today…. And I send it with love and prayers and hope that it will give her a little light and joy, and let her know that she matters, she is thought of often and she has made an impact on my life.

And so I encourage you to give in to that little voice/thought/nudge that says “you should call her.” Or when you see a card that would be PERFECT for someone… don’t draw back, thinking it is too personal, or you don’t know them well enough… because they may need just that … a little joy or kindness from an almost stranger!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Gratitude Adjustment

Well, so much for my promise of regular blogs (guilty smile)… but really what a ride the last five months have been!  In May just after I turned 50 an amazing book came into my life titled “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne and it started me on a journey of daily gratitude and joy!  I start every morning being truly thankful and grateful for the amazingness of my life today (no matter what is happening – smile) and I end every day with a quick review of all that happened that day, choosing the one thing that was my favorite, BEST moment of the day and saying a quick “thank you" for that moment before I fall asleep! and you know what... Life just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER these days and even the "hard moments are joyful!
Birthday Flowers from My Sister-in-Law!
In June I attended a five-day Brave Girls Camp hosted by Melody Ross and her sister Kathy Wilkins in Star, Idaho.  Imagine, Empowerment and healing through ART! It was LIFE CHANGING! 
Melody, Me and Kathy

Our Group... I MISS YOU GUYS!
Me at my art table in Star, Idaho (see the stars?)
In July my amazing grandboys (who are 8 & 5) arrived for a 35-day visit -woo hoo!  I spent the month of August RECOVERING from the 35-day visit!  (it was totally worth it though!)

My Boys (Charlie's Angels?)
and this is what it was like most days!! LOL
In September I started Brave Girls Art School and discovered my Inner Artist and my life has changed YET AGAIN! 
Brave Girls Art School Lesson 1 - doodled Funky Flowers...WHO KNEW!
And as I reflect back upon the past few months I have to share with you that life has taken on a very rosy glow since I started focusing on all I HAVE in my life instead of moaning about all I don't have in my life.... I call it a GRATITUDE ADJUSTMENT and I encourage you to give it a try!