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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Lynne's ART World - I Am Back With A New Purpose and HUGE Creative Energy To Share...

Hello Peeps!  I beg your forgiveness and thank you for still being here as it has been four months since my last blog post. (gulp)  But my time has not been wasted as I have been BUSY behind the scenes re-focusing my art direction and honing my skills as a mixed media artist, and I am now ready (and excited) to share just a few of the amazing pieces I have been creating.
Me in my Studio playing with Pebeo Moon and Fantasy paints

In January of this year I took a long look at my blog and realized that over the past few years, because of my design team work, my blog had morphed into more of an advertisement for product rather than the inspiring and creative space I want it to be.
Mixed Media on 10" Stretched Canvas
So I decided to change my direction and slowly began resigning from all my design team positions, where the focus is on product rather than creativity, and began focusing on my art and my creative process.
Painting With Fibre - 2-D Needle Felted Faces

But of course, design team duties gave me deadlines that I had to meet and made me create regular blog posts for all of you - and without those deadlines I procrastinate (don't we all?) but after today that is going to change!
18x24" Mixed Media & Collage on stretched canvas
Those of you that have met me know that I love to teach and share my knowledge as much as I love to create and my tutorial blogs are some of my very favorite posts, so you can expect to see more regular posts, more of my art and more photo tutorials as well as (hopefully) a video or two - I am still struggling with all the technical STUFF - but I am so stinking CUTE on film that you need to see me...Grin.
12x12" Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas (Inspired by Jenny Grant)
These past nine months I have been literally up to my elbows in paper and paint and ink and pastes and fibre and glass! 
On My Easle - Some of my Works In Progress
And I have been developing a new passion - Needle Felting and Wet Felting Fibre Art, as well as working on canvasses and cards and taking lessons and lessons and lessons.
Making My Own Scrapbook Paper
Me In A Needle Felting Class At The Winery - The ONLY way to learn!
The days are just not long enough for all of my cretive passions and the energy created as I work has me up before the birds to spend 12 or more hours a day in my studio space.

A New Passion - Miniatures - Harry Potter School Chests
So stay tuned for more and regular posts from me, and as always, Please DO leave me a comment if you like what you are seeing.  (and of course suggestions on WHAT you would like to see are always welcome!)

Lynne Mizera, Mixed Media Artist
Creston, BC Canada

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