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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Joy vs. Happiness

I've been spending a lot of time lately thinking about "happiness", it seems to be one of those emotions that we all say we want, but we are almost embarrassed to feel too much of it unless we are very young or very old. (I guess I'm getting to the "very old" stage.) So this year I have been watching "happy people" and trying to see what that person is REALLY experiencing, and this is what I have determined: There is happiness, which in my mind is a kind of "one-time" thing associated with a particular moment or event - Crave cupcakes for a snack - a really good lunch with friends - walking into a Clean house - happy, happy moments, but like the cupcake, sweet on your tongue at the moment but then it's gone.

And then there is JOY... just watch a young person totally immersed in an experience, feeling every emotion and not caring what they look like, who is watching, if it is being done "right"... they are just enjoying every nuance of the experience at that moment - JOYFULLY! Now that's what I want ... a life I can live joyfully, because if you think about it you can experience every part of life joyfully: I can fight joyfully; I can be sad joyfully; I can experience all life has to offer me at that moment no matter what I look like, how much I weigh, who is watching-JOYFULLY! And I have also noticed that when you are joyful people around you react differently - they talk to you more, smile at you more and are NICER to you - and I think it is contagious - so the person who you made smile (because have you noticed that when you watch someone who is REALLY joyful you can't help but smile) may feel a little less grumpy or self-absorbed and they may smile at someone else, who will feel better about their day - and so on and so on! So I have been spending a lot of time this year just enjoying my experiences joyfully and OUT LOUD - no matter what I may look like and who may be watching (like playing Good Guys/Bad Witch at the park with my grandsons) - and if nothing else I have also been enjoying a lot more smiles and laughter all around me this year... You should try it, it is very uplifting!