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Thursday, February 28, 2013

An ARTY Kind of Layout...

Did you participate in JumpStart 2013?  I DID!  and it gave me enough confidence to try some of the new techniques I learned to create my own background paper for this Layout!!!   


I made this page from one blank piece of 12x12 Super Stock (from the Canadian Scrapbooker magazine store), some Ranger distress ink, baby wipes and myStamp Box stamps and embossing powders.  The process was so quick and easy that I know I will be doing more of this.

I first stamped and heat embossed the frame of words on my blank super stock... Do this BEFORE you put the photo down or it will melt!  I then randomly applied my two colors of distress ink using the foam applicator tool - going right over the embossed wording - and then used a damp baby wipe to remove all the ink from the embossed words.  I lightly wiped over the entire page to blend the inks together... the key here is LIGHTLY wiping with a DAMP wipe!  The 120lb super stock can take the distress to a point, but if it gets too wet the paper will start to ball up and breakdown.  That's It... I added my photos, some embellishments and stamped a border using my Fleurishing Punctuation stamps, and I framed the main photo with the details in my own hand-writing.  What a cute layout for future girlfriends to enjoy!
I used Pixel Perfect and Fleurishing Punctuation and Sigh, Gush, Gasp stamp sets on this layout

To see some more of the JumpStart 2013 techniques hop on over to the myStamp Box blog and check out what  my other design team members created!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

HELLO Drunken Stampers and Welcome to my BLOG!

HELLO EVERYONE!  I thought I would put up a little Welcome Post for anyone dropping in to see MORE OF ME after reading my introduction on the Drunken Stampers Designated Designer Post #3 this morning.

Me Being Grandma

Now, anyone that has met me will probably tell you that I am LOUD, full of energy and seem to attract a lot of attention wherever I go!  I love food, Love People and LOVE to laugh... and if I can combine all three of these in one sitting I WILL!  

Me & Donna & Leica Forrest & Trisha LaDoucer...               Canadian Scrapbooking ROYALTY  (THEM NOT me! Grin)
I started this blog to so I would have a place where I could  express myself UNINTERRUPTED and share my quirky philosophies about life without having to explain or defend my position and also to share all the lovely STUFF I create every, single day!  

Me and Jill Hilldebrand... SHE won!

I am So excited to be a part of the Drunken Stampers because they are JUST AWSOME!  And how can you NOT want to hang with people who have Friday Night Cocktail Parties .... Grin!  

So PLEASE... browse around and check out all my STUFF and then Make Me HAPPY by leaving me some cyber love via the comment section! (no account required - just pick Annonymous and skip the URL thingy.)  and COME BACK OFTEN! Grin
Scrapbook Lynne aka.... Drunken Stamper Extraordinaire!


Monday, February 18, 2013

My RAOK... (Random Act of Kindness)

Have you ever stopped to really think about your Beliefs?  About HOW your live your life?  About WHAT you really and truly think about the Cause and Effect of YOUR life on this world?  I thought I knew who I was and what I thought until I actually had to put it down on paper in black and white and then I discovered that although I could repeat quite a number of someone else's ideas... I had not really stopped to consider my own!  So I spent a few days thinking about "WHAT do {{I}} believe?" and this is what I ended up with:
I used the myStamp Box "Thanks a Latte" stamp set to create this little envelope

I Believe in LOVE
I Believe that one person CAN make a difference
I Believe that we Aways get What We NEED
I Believe that when you are Ready the "Teacher will Appear"
Here is the note on the back of the envelope
But most of all ... I Believe in the Ripple Effect - the idea that a small, random act performed at the right time can effect a change so profound that it could potentially spread far enough to touch people on the other side of the world.  And if it is an act of KINDNESS wouldn't that effect a positive change?  I would hope so... 

So based on my now-defined Belief System I made this little envelope and put in one $5 bill and left it in a public place...  a little hidden away, but still findable... with the belief that the ONE person who really needs it will find it when it will make a difference in their life... and then maybe at another point in time they will "pay it forward" and be the next ring in the "ripple" and so on and so on!

My husband thinks I'm being totally unrealistic and I am now GIVING money away (Grin), but I don't think so, and anyway... I have to try!  Who knows, maybe one day YOU will actually be "hit" by one of my little ripples!
Who knows... Maybe YOU will find this one day!

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Cutest Quick & Easy Valentines EVER!

I LOVE Valentines day!  Not the romantic flowers & candy & if-you're-so-lucky-jewelery kinda day, but the celebration of love and kindness and little gestures that show a person they are important to you in some small way!  

When my kids were small I used to surprise them with a beautifully set Valentines day breakfast table and a card containing a personal message from me to them to start the day.  You THINK they know how much you love them, but I have discovered that the pretty table with a special card messages to each of them REALLY made a difference!  My 32 year old daughter told me a few years ago that THAT was one of her fondest childhood memories!

And when I was working in an office I would go in early and anonymously leave pretty little bundles of treats on people's desks.  You know people were happier all day just because someone cared enough to leave a bag of candy!  But really... WHO HAS TIME?  

Well I LOVE These Valentines Suckers because not only are they quick and easy, but they are a card and a treat all in one!  

All you need is something to cut out two-inch squares of paper (I used a paper trimmer, but a punch will work too) in as many different colors as you want and treat each square like a tiny, little card.  I really love "myStamp Box" stamp sets for this type of project and used quite a variety of them to create sentiments and decorations for these tiny valentines.  You can check out my post at the myStamp Box site to get a list of all the stamp sets that I used.

I layered, and used foam pop dots to add dimension and of course nothing I create is ever complete without some sparkle and I used Ranger's Stickles and Close to My Heart Liquid Glass for that.   And I finally got to use my itty, bitty heart punch that I found at a garage sale last year, but stickers would work just as well, as would some stick-on jewels. And I like to use a white gel pen to add faux stitching or a dot border to give that finished look.

These little cuties came together so quickly and looked so amazing that how can I NOT share!  

Now run out and buy a bag of lollipops and then go through your scrap stash with new eyes and blow the dust off those old punches! Whether you sit at the table with your kids or just create a few for those people you see EVERY DAY... have some fun with this great idea!   
And Happy Valentines Day!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Calling all 'Drunken Stampers" it's CHALLENGE Time!

If you saw my post yesterday you will know that I am now a "Drunken Stamper" and I would love for you to come be one too because it's Saturday and that means CHALLENGE TIME!   

There is a new card challenge every single Saturday and you will have until the following Friday to link a photo of your card to the Drunken Stampers site through "Linky tools".  This week the Challenge is "Finding Nemo"/Fish or Sea Creatures and here's what I came up with:

And that's not all!  Every Tuesday someone is selected as the "Life of the Party" for the previous week... and it could be YOU!  So Please, come and join me and let's PLAY!  

Friday, February 8, 2013

I'm a DRUNKEN STAMPER! Whoo Hooo!!!

I am so VERY excited to share my latest amazing news ... 
I am now a Drunken Stamper!
Now, anyone that has met me and spent any amount of time with me KNOWS that I love my red wine AND that I have an irreverent sense of humour.  So when I discovered that this amazing challenge site called the 'Drunken Stampers' was looking for new design team members who not only liked to make cards, but liked to make funny, non-traditional, tongue-in-cheek kinda cards... I just HAD to apply.  I still cannot believe they want me, but I really can't WAIT to share my particular brand of crazy with this great team!  

I have already had some e-mail fun with my new team-mates ... The Bahama Mama's, and I am so ready to start this journey and share it with the rest of you!  Now go check out the Drunken Stampers site HERE to see what the challenge is this week and I would so love it if you could come and PLAY with me, we start a brand new Challenge tomorrow and I get a VOTE... ( just sayin'!) 

Please send me a comment, I love hearing what you think!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rainy Day?? - Wishing you SUNSHINE!

The sun can't shine all the time, sometimes the clouds roll in and hide that golden ball of energy that always seems to make everything better ... easier to handle.. for me anyway.  Sometimes life is just HARD.  Sometimes,  through no fault of our own, we get handed a situation that we HAVE to deal with.  I still ask "WHY?" ... "Why Me?" ... "Why NOW?"   I don't know all the answers, heck I don't even know SOME of the answers!  But I do know that sometimes, in hindsight, we have a better understanding AFTER we have gone through the storm... 

So if it's raining where you are right now, in reality or "in your life", I'm "Wishing you SUNSHINE!"  I Hope it helps, it helped me just to remember that the sun does eventually come out AGAIN!

I used the myStamp Box stamp set "Wishing You Sunshine" to create this card.

Please feel free to send me a comment, I would love to hear what you think!