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Thursday, February 21, 2013

HELLO Drunken Stampers and Welcome to my BLOG!

HELLO EVERYONE!  I thought I would put up a little Welcome Post for anyone dropping in to see MORE OF ME after reading my introduction on the Drunken Stampers Designated Designer Post #3 this morning.

Me Being Grandma

Now, anyone that has met me will probably tell you that I am LOUD, full of energy and seem to attract a lot of attention wherever I go!  I love food, Love People and LOVE to laugh... and if I can combine all three of these in one sitting I WILL!  

Me & Donna & Leica Forrest & Trisha LaDoucer...               Canadian Scrapbooking ROYALTY  (THEM NOT me! Grin)
I started this blog to so I would have a place where I could  express myself UNINTERRUPTED and share my quirky philosophies about life without having to explain or defend my position and also to share all the lovely STUFF I create every, single day!  

Me and Jill Hilldebrand... SHE won!

I am So excited to be a part of the Drunken Stampers because they are JUST AWSOME!  And how can you NOT want to hang with people who have Friday Night Cocktail Parties .... Grin!  

So PLEASE... browse around and check out all my STUFF and then Make Me HAPPY by leaving me some cyber love via the comment section! (no account required - just pick Annonymous and skip the URL thingy.)  and COME BACK OFTEN! Grin
Scrapbook Lynne aka.... Drunken Stamper Extraordinaire!



  1. You go on with your bad self Lynne! LOL! I love your pictures and your layouts are fantastic! But most of all, I love your zest for life!

  2. You know I adore you! But loud? Really? I think I might be louder... ;0)

    Was the seal wearing cherry chapstick?


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