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Friday, November 29, 2013

30 Days of Creativity - Day 30 - A Stained Glass Mosaic Block

Well it's Day 30 of my "30 Days of Creativity" journey and I have something really, really special to share.  I've been working on it on and off for about two weeks now and I was finishing the last stage, grouting, this morning so that's why the post is so late... but worth the wait I hope... This is what the block looks like outside with the sun shining through it ...
But it also has small white Christmas lights inside and this is what i looks like plugged in...
I am hoping to use it outside on my patio in the summer - sparkling during the day and a beautiful lighted accent at night..
Here is some detail...
I LOVE covering things in glass... 

and now for the next step... what do you think about combining metal art with stained glass mosaic? Grin

Thank you for sharing this journey with me ... it took me to places I did not expect and I am so full of creative energy these days... I just may BURST!  I am leaving for a two-week hot holiday in the next couple of days so I will be taking a wee break from all this creativity - except of course I will have my small watercolor palette to play with so I won't suffer too much from creative withdrawal!

Cheers and please do leave me a comment letting me know what you thought about all this "creativity stuff" SMILE
Scrapbook Lynne

Thursday, November 28, 2013

30 Days of Creativity - Day 29 - Some Truth Cards

It's Day 29 of my "30 Days of Creativity" (see original Post HERE) and for me this countdown is kind of like an adult version of the build up to Christmas... (I'm doing the happy dance 'cause it's only ONE MORE DAY...grin).

 Today for Day 29 I am sharing some Truth Cards... because, well it just wouldn't be ME if I didn't create one blog post related to The Brave Girls Club and Truth Cards - Here are four truth cards I created using different mixed media techniques that are all MEEE and that all have very personal meanings for me... ENJOY!

"What is a Truth Card?" you ask... well a truth card is an empowering message that speaks directly to your soul.  It is never hurtful or angry or negative, but it is always some sort of message or words that make you sit up and say... "oooooh!" or "AH HA!" or "I needed to hear that."...  
And then you create a small card containing those words or that message, using whatever you have on hand and whatever imagery that makes sense to you.  I have found that the entire time you are creating your truth card that message seems to be running through your brain, embedding itself deep in your memory so that you find yourself chanting those words over and over until they are part of who you are.
 You can create a truth card for yourself or you can create one to give to someone else.  No matter how you receive the message or how you share the message it is a very powerful thing!

Also, you create truth cards to share the love and with no expectation of receiving anything in return except to send it out there to make its message felt.  I LOVE making and sending truth cards because I know from personal experience that when you are struggling through one of those "life moments" getting an unexpected gift like this can really make a huge impact in your life. It has for me and I am now sharing the
Thanks for stopping by to share with me again today and don't forget to leave a comment if this post moved you in any way (smile).
Scrapbook Lynne

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

30 Days of Creavitiy - Day 28 - Ornaments

Oh my ... Day 28 of "30 Days of Creativity"... (see original post HERE) I really didn't think I would make it...grin... but here we are with only TWO DAYS to go... and although it has been a lot of work I am being repaid every day with the enormous creative energy and multitude of ideas I am generating PLUS you must have noticed my improved blogging skills (smile).
So today for Day 28 I am showcasing Part 2 of the workshop I attended in Calgary on Saturday; the projects I created with Ms. Christy Riopel. (see Part 1 - Metal Art HERE)
Now, if you ever have the opportunity to attend one of Christy's classes, don't walk, RUN to get in!  She is CRAZY talented and her creativity, color sense and sheer joy in teaching make every class I've ever taken with her a wonderful, creative journey.  Plus she shares all that is going on in her art brain while she is teaching.  
So in this workshop Christy Riopel and Ilitia Hart collaborated so that we could create these truly beautiful tree ornaments and their complimentary boxes.

Christy taught us several techniques to color these clear balls and then showed us how to take the metal, a die cutting and embossing machine and adhesive to create embellishments to enhance these balls and turn them into something truly giftable; and if that was not enough she then showed us how to create unique paper boxes out of double-sided scrapbook paper to gift them in - Happy Sigh.

So thanks for stopping by again to day to share with me... and don't forget to leave a comment if you like what you see...
Scrapbook Lynne

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

30 Days of Creativity - Day 27 - Metal Art!

On this Day 27 of my "30 Days of Creativity" (See original post HERE)  I am sharing something brand new to me, Metal Art.  
This is our class project
On Saturday I attended an all-day workshop in Calgary with these two amazing women - Christy Riopel and Ilitia Hart.  Christy shared her mixed media/paper arts talent (you will see more about THAT tomorrow) and Ilitia taught me how to emboss and deboss on soft metal.
Here you can see the detail
Now it's not like I don't have enough to do on the creativity front but I have been hearing about this art form all year and I was able to get into one of these workshops and it was absolutely fantastic!  You can read more about Ilitia and her metal art HERE
This is what I made at home all by myself (smile)
So today I am sharing two metal art projects - the one we made in class and the one I made All By Myself the next day.

And do come back tomorrow, because I will share what I made with Ms. Christy.  Thanks for stopping by today and don't forget to leave me some "blog love" in the form of a comment.
Scrapbook Lynne


Monday, November 25, 2013

30 Days of Creativity - Day 26 - One More Prima Girl!

On this my 26th day of my "30 Days of Creativity" journey (See Original post HERE) ... I would like to share one more of my Prima Girls... This Prima Girl Tag is particularly close to my heart because I truly believe her message, but it took me quite a few years to hear this message and then to let myself believe this message and then finally to absolutely know this message to be true!
I wish I could open up the heart of every single young woman I meet and POUR these words into her soul.  I know we all must walk our own path at our own pace and that "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear" but this particular lesson had such a huge impact on my life that some days I wish I could have learned it a tiny bit earlier in my journey and I just want to help someone else along their way!
Thank you for stopping by again today to share this journey with me... I would love to read what you think about all of this "Creativity"...

Scrapbook Lynne

Sunday, November 24, 2013

30 Days of Creativity-Day 25-A Christmas Cutie!

For Day 25 of my "30 days of Creativity" (See orginal post HERE) I want to share this Christmas Card I made using a new digital stamp from Handmade Harbour... The Christmas Robin..

To me this little birdie looks a wee bit guilty so my irreverent brain immediately thought of this Dyan Reaveley Christmas Stamp... and away I went...
As usual I colored him with my Copics, cut him out and used foam pop dots to mount  him and then stickled him like CRAZY.... I love how the white liquid pearls I used gives his hat so much dimension!
Thanks for stopping by to share with me again to day... now don't forget to leave me comment if you have something to say! (smile) Scrapbook Lynne

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Drunken Stampers Challenge #151 - it's a DINER (or food)

Welcome to another of the Drunken Stampers Challenges ... this week the Challenge is a PLACE and that place is a Diner (or Food). Create a card with a diner or waitress or food theme and blog about it and them link up your blog post to the Drunken Stampers Lounge using our linky tool and you TOO could win the coveted "I Was the Life of the Party" blinky for your blog!  Here is what I came up with for this week's challenge:
I finally got to use this awesome Art Impressions stamp I bought last year ... I just HAD to have it  because it reminds me of ME and my friends when we meet for coffee at the local diner on a weekday afternoon... because that's what you do when you are RETIRED!
And we always seem to talk about the same things... What we can eat; What we CAN'T eat anymore; How much exercise we are NOT getting; and then we share recipes, deserts, new food products we have discovered that are sugar-free, gluten-free, fat-free; and VERY occasionally we discuss our men ... Grin.

So when I came across this saying I knew it would be the perfect addition to this card with a Diner/Food theme....

I took this super CLOSE UP so you can see how I popped the two outside women but left the centre one flat because it's exactly like the way we talk!  

Thanks for stopping by again today to share with me ... I LOVE That you do and why not pop on over to the Drunken Stampers Lounge to check out what my design team-mates came up with!
Scrapbook Lynne
PS This is also Day 24 of my "30 Days of Creativity" journey and you can find the original post HERE.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Can YOU Do It? "Challenge YOUrself" - a New Kind of Scrapbook Challenge!

I am SUPER Excited to share my newest venture with all of you... I have been asked to join the design team for a brand new challenge site called "Challenge YOUrself"(Happeeee Dance!)

The reason I am so excited is because, just like the banner says, this site challenges you to scrapbook layout of yourself and you have to include at least one photo of you - Yes, YOU! The one who is always behind the camera and never in the shot - and then years go by and you realize that all those albums are full of beautiful layouts of everyone else EXCEPT you...

I truly believe that this site will help you to get at least a couple of layouts of yourself done.  Our first Challenge rolls out on December 7th this year so stay tuned  - I'd love to see some of YOUR work being submitted! 
PS: If you join our site you won't miss one single challenge - smile (JOIN HERE) 
Scrapbook Lynne

30 Days of Creativity - Day 23 - Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh

Today on Day 23 of my "30 Days of Creativity" I want to share a journal page I was inspired to create by a saying credited to Vincent Van Gogh which spoke to my soul on so many levels...

"There would be no Blue without Yellow and without Orange"
This page started with a background of some stencil work overlayed with various blue dylusion sprays... I added random stampings of some of my favorite Donna Downey flower stamps and then I stamped and cut out various of the same flower images from some beautiful Orange watercolor-washed papers that I had been saving from my brief foray into the world of watercolor painting... 
the dragonfly stamp is from Magenta and really says it all .... FLY.... and it just wouldn't be one of my pages if I didn't add those accents of Liquid Glass.
This random journal page makes my soul sing with joy and I do believe I want to try recreating this feeling on to a REALLY BIG Canvas!  Stay tuned....
Thanks for stopping by to share this journey with me today, and I'd love if you left a comment to let me know what you think about all this CREATIVITY so far... Smile
Scrapbook Lynne Mizera

Thursday, November 21, 2013

30 Days of Creativity-Day 22-Fused Glass Christmas Trees

Today on Day #22 of my 30 Days of Creativity (see original post HERE) I want to share these fused glass Christmas tree ornaments I have been working on...

The actual cutting and creating of the trees was really quick and so fun, especially since I was working in the glass studio space of my local stained glass store in Airdrie, Alberta Muk-Luk Magpies Stained Glass Emporium where they let me use their scraps and rent the kiln to melt all my lovely trees.
But then I took them home with two spools of wire thinking "How hard can it be to bend some wire around some glass?"  Well... let's just say HARDER THAN I THOUGHT! grin - and I can see my hands getting a lot stronger as I do more of this.

But after all is said and done, I do love them - they are so bright and cheerful and whimsical don't you think? I can just imagine what they will look like hanging in the branches of a tree with the Christmas lights shining on them.
Some of these ornaments are already packed up to be sent off for Christmas gifts and others will be available at the Muk-Luk's store for sale and still others will be available for purchase by YOU in my Etsy Shop - so go check it out if you want love them as much as I do!
Thanks again for stopping by to visit... I cannot wait to see what I comes out of me NEXT... Smile (I'm a glass-melting FOOL these days)

Scrapbook Lynne

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Getting Back to my Creative Roots...

Long before I discovered scrapbooking, paper arts and paint I was working with glass... stained glass mosaics to be more specific... but slowly, as I tried to fit more and more creativity into my busy, crazy life, all my stained glass projects got pushed further and further to the back of the line... until finally all my glass stuff was in the garage and I was in the house! 

But my dream has always been to retire and then have three days a week to work with paper and paint; three days a week to work with glass; and one day (Sunday) for my hubby and the dog (Grin).  Now, after two and one half years retired I am finally HERE... and I am so excited to be able to share with all of you my first stained glass mosaic piece in more than Eight years!!! (and the first of many more to come I hope).  Now it's been a while so please be KIND....

It's started out as a wooden birdhouse purchased at the dollar store and now I think it's worthy of a place of honour on my birdhouse shelf... 
It's a little bit rough and the pattern is still evolving since I don't EVER plan anything out ahead of time, I just let it emerge...

But I absolutely LOVE It... it is like a little bit of JEWELED loveliness.

Thanks for stopping by to share with me today and PLEASE let me know what you think of my birdhouse... and more specifically, Would you BUY one?? (smile)
Scrapbook Lynne

Wishing You Were Here (on Day 21 of my 30 Days of Creativity)

It's my 21st Day on my 30 Days of Creativity Challenge (see original post HERE) AND it is another Papercraft Party over at Handmade Harbour... I LOVE their digital stamps! This week the Handmade Harbour design team challenges you to create a card or project with Friends or Family as the theme and then to link it up to our blog using our linky tool.  And, if you use oneof the Handmade Harbour digital stamps on your creation you could win MORE digital stamps of your choice!
I chose this particular digital stamp called "Cocktails at a Beach Bar" because in just 10 short days I am leaving snowy, frosty Canada for Manzanillo, Mexico where I will be spending two blissful weeks beside the ocean in the sun (happy sigh!). And inside the card I stamped... "WISH YOU WERE HERE!" (grin) and I really DO wish you could be here with me right now! (Big GIANT Smile!)
I printed out and colored the digital stamp twice using my Copic markers, and then I cut out the curtains and banner and used foam pop dots to mount them above my digital image so it really looks like you are looing through a window into the distance... then using stickles I created the sparkly feel of sunlight on the water... happy sigh!

So please pop on by the Handmade Harbour site today to see what else my design teammates created this week and maybe consider joining our Papercraft party where you too could win the coveted Handmade Harbour Winner's Blinky for your blog!
Cheers... from the soon to be suntanned...
Scrapbook Lynne (grin)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

30 Days of Creativity - Day 20 - Some 2013 Christmas Cards

On this my 20th day IN A ROW of creativity (on my 30 Days of Creativity journey - see Original post HERE) I am sharing some of the Christmas cards I have made this week...
I LOVE making Christmas cards and I send them out to people all over the world.
When I make a card I usually have a specific person in mind and I try to make them a card that they will cherish for years to come.
This is a Stampendous Stamp!
AND these Penguins WOBBLE!
Each card is a labour of love and I only make as many as I WANT to make, I never make cards because I HAVE to make them, and because of this I still love making Christmas cards 10 years in!
If you are lucky enough to be a recipient of one of my Christmas cards know that it was made JUST FOR YOU! (smile)
This is an Altered Dollar Store Card (the 12 card set WITH envelopes cost me $1!)
Thanks for stopping by to share with me again to day on my blog...
and if YOU, one of my blog followers, would like a hand-made, one-of-a-kind Christmas card from me please send me an e-mail with your name and address and I will make sure you get one... SMILE... (you can find my "contact me by e-mail" box on the right)
Christmas Card-Making Lynne