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Thursday, November 28, 2013

30 Days of Creativity - Day 29 - Some Truth Cards

It's Day 29 of my "30 Days of Creativity" (see original Post HERE) and for me this countdown is kind of like an adult version of the build up to Christmas... (I'm doing the happy dance 'cause it's only ONE MORE DAY...grin).

 Today for Day 29 I am sharing some Truth Cards... because, well it just wouldn't be ME if I didn't create one blog post related to The Brave Girls Club and Truth Cards - Here are four truth cards I created using different mixed media techniques that are all MEEE and that all have very personal meanings for me... ENJOY!

"What is a Truth Card?" you ask... well a truth card is an empowering message that speaks directly to your soul.  It is never hurtful or angry or negative, but it is always some sort of message or words that make you sit up and say... "oooooh!" or "AH HA!" or "I needed to hear that."...  
And then you create a small card containing those words or that message, using whatever you have on hand and whatever imagery that makes sense to you.  I have found that the entire time you are creating your truth card that message seems to be running through your brain, embedding itself deep in your memory so that you find yourself chanting those words over and over until they are part of who you are.
 You can create a truth card for yourself or you can create one to give to someone else.  No matter how you receive the message or how you share the message it is a very powerful thing!

Also, you create truth cards to share the love and with no expectation of receiving anything in return except to send it out there to make its message felt.  I LOVE making and sending truth cards because I know from personal experience that when you are struggling through one of those "life moments" getting an unexpected gift like this can really make a huge impact in your life. It has for me and I am now sharing the
Thanks for stopping by to share with me again today and don't forget to leave a comment if this post moved you in any way (smile).
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  1. How delightful! I love them Lynne! so unique, Just like you!

  2. Love the concept Lynne and love what you created.

  3. Wow I LOVE your truth cards. Love the whimsical feel to them. Just gorgeous


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