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Friday, September 29, 2017

Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers: P is for Pink Halloween

Before I go and share my card with you for this challenge I have to make a public announcement:
"Please Take Notice That This Item Contains Mature Subject Matter.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised."
On that note WELCOME to this week's challenge over at the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers!! 
"P" is for Pink Halloween:

This is our 4th Annual PINK Halloween challenge, something we as a group decided to do in honor of both the Fight To Cure Breast Cancer and Halloween.  It is one of my very favorite challenges because every year I go looking for a new witch I can do up in Pink with some kind of wonderfully snarky saying, and this year I came up with a doozy! (even if I do say so myself).  It's a two-parter: the Outside...
And... wait for it... the INSIDE!
BAHHHH! HAAAAA! HAAAA! HAAAA!!  That was my reaction when I first read this quote and I hope it was yours too - Grin.  This deceptively simple card was NOT simple at all because I used the technique that my O.C.D. brain loves the very best ... I call it Extreme Paper Piecing.
"What's That?" you say.  Well you find a stamp that you like that has lots of clean lines and spaces and you stamp it ...or in this case as I chose a digital stamp, print it off... on as many different colors and patterns of paper that you want on the finished image. And then you cut and paste - like putting a puzzle together... 

"And why is this considered extreme ?" you ask.  In this case it is extreme because My O.C.D. Brain likes lots of different colors and patterns and the smaller the tiny bit of paper is that I have to cut out the better it soothes my CRAZY brain - take a look at the size of her shoes... or her neck, and how about that buckle on her hat?  See what I mean?!? And if you are going to  make ONE, you may as well make SIX! Grin
Although I have NO IDEA what I am going to do with six of these cards?  So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...
And you really must pop over to the Sisterhood blog today to see what my teammates have created... this particular challenge is ALWAYS a lot of fun.  You have until Friday, October 6th to link up your own creation if would like to play along... We ALWAYS choose a Queen of Snark and her Princesses!!
Well, that's it for today.  I hope you enjoyed this bit of Halloween Humor, and please do leave me a comment if like what you see!!
Lynne Mizera,
For The Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers



  1. Too funny and love how your OCD brain works. Hmm, I'd be handing these out at a nursing home - brighten many a day I reckon!

  2. Love it! Great card and a very naughty sentiment! Jo x

  3. Hahahaha..... hilarious! I just spurted tea all over the screen

  4. BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I all but had tea coming out my nose from reading the inside! Holy crap that is funny!!

  5. Love love love it, super job on the cards. yes paper piecing is fun.

  6. LOL and... TMI! Your paper-piecing is incredible, Lynne! And I guess I don't have OCD, since that level of paper-piecing is SO not me. :P These cards are so fab, and so you!

  7. The slivers!!!! The slivers!!!! The slivers in places I don't want slivers!!!!
    Clearly a lot of us drink tea and clearly a lot of us have now ruined our laptops / computers
    Fab job!!


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