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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wishing You A Beautiful Day!

Sometimes I think life should be simple.  In this complicated time of crazy weather patterns, unusually violent natural disasters and unsettling politics all over the world, sometimes it's a simple, everyday thing that makes me stop and remember that although I have no control over these big world events, it is my choice as to how I feel every day.
And sometimes it's something as simple as a bowl of sliced strawberries sprinkled with a teaspoon of sugar that makes me remember Life Is Still Sweet...and I Choose Happy.
So from me to you, in the kindest, sweetest way... I am wishing YOU a Beautiful Day...

Lynne Mizera, An Artist and Woman Of This World

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This card was designed using the Graciellie 
Design Digital Stamp "Wonderful Things"
and colored with Copic markers.



  1. So beautiful your colouring is spot on. Hugs xx

  2. So beautiful your colouring is spot on. Hugs xx

  3. Right back at you, Lynne - hope it's the best ever to match that gorgeous piece!!

  4. You just made me wanna have a bowl of strawberries! Your stunning coloring brought these images to life! Thanks for this sweet post.

  5. Such a beautiful illustration. It's sort of been that kind of day for me too. I'm going to just give up and blog about it now. :-)


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