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Friday, September 1, 2017

I Am Blogging Along With Effy - And It's Gonna Get REAL!

How Timely is This? Firstly, I want to say hello to all my wonderful blog followers and any new peeps visiting my site... HELLOOOOOOO!! (grin) Secondly I want to share that Effy Wild is doing a "Blog Along With Effy" every day for the month of September and I am joining in!!

Now who is Effy?  She is a Canadian mixed media Artist (just like ME) who I had the pleasure of "cyber meeting" in 2014 and who I came to know more fully as I completed my Lifebook 2015 journey along side of her, and I love everything about this wonderful woman!

She is real and down-to-earth and shares absolutely everything about her life (remind you of anyone?)

Her inclusive and accepting nature and the way she lives her life "walking the walk and talking the talk" really resonated with me, so I kept right on following her after Lifebook 2015 ended, taking a few of her classes, reading her monthly newsletters and weekly FAB 5 posts and every now and then leaving her comments telling her how much she is LOVED by me (in a Not Creepy At All kinda way! bigger Grin)
So when she shared that she was going to try and get back to basic blogging for the month of September and invited us to join her - I was IN! Not only because I wanted to play but also because I have recently come to the decision that I want to get my blog back to the original vision I had when I first created it back in 2010.
Because I originally created this blog to share my life journey and my art journey and to pass along in a loving way some of the knowledge and wisdom I have garnered over the past 50 years in my VERY "interesting" life.
But I noticed somewhere around 2013-2014ish that my blog started looking more and more like an advertisement for a lot of other people's products and there were fewer and fewer posts about me or my art journey or my personal life at all... 
Sooo I decided it was time to get back to my original truth so get ready, because I am joining Effy and getting REAL and hoping to share a few, SHORT but newsy written and video posts with you this month.  And in those famous words of another Ballsy woman I love who kept it REAL:




  1. I can't wait to "see" what you share. When life is a little slower, I wouldn't mind doing something like this - I know we all say that (LOL!). You are a brave and amazing woman. Hugs - Kerri

    1. Awe Kerri - you are making me blush! Thanks for popping in and hope my future posts don't rock your world TOOO much - GRIN!


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