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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

An Entire World In A Matchbox - Who Knew?

Lately I have been fascinated by all things miniature. There is something about "tiny but perfectly made" that just resonates with me. (I wonder if it is because I am 5'2"? Grin)  Anyway, my art brain has been urging me to create something very, very small and today I am up on the Mixed Up Magazine Blog sharing how I answered that call in a "small" way by creating these imaginary worlds hidden in a matchbox.  I encourage you to pop on over fro a closer look.

 As always, thank you for popping in today to see what I am up to and please do leave me a comment if you like what you see!

Lynne Mizera, Paper Crafter, Mixed Media Artist and Woman of the World

Here is a list of the Sin City Stamps I used on this project:
Wing-It Collection
Wildlife Collage Scene Stamp

Tree Woodgrain With Face Stamp


  1. Oh WoW !! How awesome :-) xxxxxxxx

  2. DRAT!! I knew I was making a mistakes when I was cleaning the studio last week and discarded those two matchboxes! Awesome work, Lynne!

  3. These are wonderful Lynne and something I've never tried but definitely should!

  4. I know! Right? I too just tossed 2 of the larger stick match sized boxes I'd been holding on to. I love these!


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