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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

I Have Faith - Blogging Along With Effy-Day #6

The "nudge" today from our lovely Effy Wild is sharing our roots - Oh POOP! I hate sharing this kind of stuff - it's either I write a flipping BOOK or I list the bare facts which NEVER explain who I am and why I am the Way I AM! (Which is just like everyone else I am guessing.)  Okay (sigh) I will try to impart in as few words as possible my Roots:
The Basics:
I arrived in this world on May 27th, 1962,  in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the first of four girls born to a French Canadian, Catholic father with French/Irish roots and an English Canadian, Anglican mother with British/German roots.  Dad was gone by the time I was nine, Mom was an Artist and a feminist before that was even a word.
I was Forcibly moved to Calgary, Alberta in 1979 when I was 17 - married, divorced and married again (for 20 years now).
I have two grown children and four grandsons that I know of
and at the lovely age of 50 I retired from working in an office to become "an Artist" and I am now living in this dream in beautiful British Columbia, Canada (with aforementioned hubby) smack dab in the middle of the Rocky Mountains...  Happy Sigh.
But of course that tells you NOTHING about the REAL ME!
And then I had this wonderful idea!! I am going to share a few very personal scrapbook pages I created in an album called "All About Me", something I wanted to leave behind for my future family so they will be able to get a sense of who Grandma Lynne really was and why she was the Way She WAS!  So if you read the journalling and look at the photos you will get a better sense of who I am... ENJOY!
The words on this page say:
Daughter; Sister; Wife; Donna & Ryan's Mother; Aidan & Dominic's Grandmother; Ryan's Mother-In-Law; Employee; Friend; Neighbor; Baker; Artist.  Julie Lynne Goyette Perrault Mizera - Married, Divorced, Married Again; Quebecer; Albertan; Wanna Be Maritimer; Loves to Eat; Loves to Cook; Traveller; Gardner; Photographer; Dancer; Scrapbooker... Life is a Journey and I am still travelling


 So, do you have a better sense now of Who I Am? (Grin).  I think that's enough for today, I don't want to overwhelm you with my BIG personality!!!  And don't worry if you don't see me for a few days, I WILL be Back next week...

Lynne Mizera - Artist, Partner, Friend, Mother, Grandmother and All Around Woman of the Universe



  1. Awesome! I love your personal art pages! Filled with so much life, personality and fun! What a great way to share. :)

    1. Thanks Soooo much... popped over to your blog and I have to say I LOVE them apples!!

  2. Delightful, thank you for sharing YOU!!!

    1. I'm so glad you LIKED me Jean (She says Smiling). Thanks for popping in and taking the time to leave me a comment!

  3. What beautiful pages and wonderful insight.

    1. Aaaaw, thanks Ms. Ellie... popped over to your post and LOVE how you explained your Hometown!

  4. How fantastic - gorgeous pages..... That one where your hair looks like it's on fire gave me a shock. I really love those cooky distorted pictures of yourself - so funny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. those photos are something you can do with your picture in my Mac photo booth Application... I should make me some more! Grin Thanks for popping in and taking the time to leave me a comment... (hugs)


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