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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

30 Days of Creativity - Day 14

It's Day 14 and I'm almost halfway through my "30 Days of Creativity" challenge!  Right now I am finding that every single thing I look at is giving me ideas! But wasn't that the idea behind this particular challenge? To tap into unused creative energy?  Well it's WORKING!-Big GIANT Smile-I am even dreaming about project ideas ... it's almost like that particular idea doesn't want to Wait in Line but is pushing it's way to the front in my dreams!  

So I woke up this week and just NEEDED to create this background on this canvas... it's not finished yet but I know that it is sitting there waiting for the next perfect idea to be birthed to cover it!
I sprayed the canvas with my dylusions sprays and then before it was completely dry I used my modeling creme in an oyster finish and a The Crafters Workshop stencil to create this raised saying:
  "Art is  just another way of expressing our innermost thoughts onto concrete media.  Where form and function come together in beauty, color and shape.  We put our feelings and experiences onto paper, canvas, surfaces of all kinds, allowing ourselves to release and surrender to this all encompassing force, this need to register what was today what might be tomorrow, and what was yesterday and the day before that."

Now, how perfect is that saying for right now in my journey? But because my dylusion sprays were still wet the creme absorbed the color and you couldn't read the saying very well, so I rubbed some black archival ink over the raised surface to highlight the words.

I added a couple more raised lines of text using my creme to bracket the corner and that is where I've left off for now... I'll share the completed project when it gets done... NOTE: this is the largest canvas I have started so far... I'm getting BIGGER! smile

Thanks for stopping by again today to share this journey with me... You can find the Original Post HERE.

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  1. Looks like a great start Lynne! I also love your creative energy!!


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