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Friday, November 8, 2013

30 Days of Creativity - Day 9

On Day 9 of my "30 Days of Creativity" (see original post HERE) I am sharing this art journal page with you.  
This creativity journey is not travelling a route any where close to the one thought it would... It has been empowering and exciting and the creative energy inside me is growing exponentially - but so is the FEAR.

The fear of not living up to everyone's expectations, the fear of not living up to MY OWN expectations, and the fear of failure.  Failure to complete the challenge, failure to create anything "good", failure to live up to my potential... and the BIGGEST fear of all - what if I don't have any potential?  My Brain KNOWS that these are all irrational fears, but my heart is still feeling it... so I sat down and made this page for myself - you know "FEEL the fear, but do it ANYWAY" (Wayne Dyer) - because this quote really spoke to me...
And by the time I was finished this page I could laugh at myself, and finally drowned out that insidious little voice that whispers these fears into my soul.  So to all of you out there that have an inner artist chained up in the basement of your soul like I did... take a step THROUGH those fears and let her out... it is so soo SOOOO freeing! 
Thanks for stopping by today and sharing with me.... I LOVE that you do!
Empowered Scrapbook Lynne


  1. I needed to hear that today. I have an assignment that is due on Sunday and I am panicked. I am afraid and don't know where to begin. I will take your advice. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Oh Lynne, this is just amazing and magical! I love best that you addressed it to yourself :)

  3. I just happened to click back on this Lynne! Please NEVER measure yourself against others it is a waste of your time. You shine!

    1. Thanks Julie - Your words have power and mean much to me (smile) Did I ever tell you that my "real" name - the one my parents gave me at birth is Julie Lynne... It's Kismet!


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