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Monday, November 18, 2013

30 Days of Creativity - Day 19 - a WINTER Canvas

Good Morning Everyone from the Winter Wonderland of western Alberta, Canada.  Today is Day 19 of my "30 Days of Creativity" challenge (see Original post HERE) and it is full on Winter in my part of the world, so today I would like to share with you this canvas I made celebrating winter ...
I not only love this snowman Susan designed, but also the quote that she chose to go with him, except that we don't have three months of winter in western Alberta, we typically have SIX months of winter and sometimes winter is even longer than that.  So it's a good thing winter is such an incredibly beautiful season in this part of the world!
We also have very short days all through the months of November, December and January with the sun not really clearing the horizon until almost 9:00 am and it going absolutely dark by 5:00 pm, so we only get about eight hours of sunlight every day.  But when the sun comes out, as it does almost every single day in Alberta, it is blindingly brilliant and makes everything sparkle until your eyes hurt from all that sunlit beauty.
So on this canvas I tried to capture the feeling of that 90 minute drive I used to make into the city of Calgary every morning, leaving in the pitch black... usually with some sort of blowing snow around me... and driving for 45 minutes when at the same point in the drive the sun would start to rise and the light would creep across the prairies turning everything in its path to gold until that light hit the sides of the buildings of the Calgary skyline stretched out in front of me 40 kms away and turned it to gold in an incredible display of blinding beauty.  I don't miss the drive, but I DO miss those light displays!

I hope that one day you will experience the beauty of winter here in Western Canada, it is an experience that is well worth the cold!  
And don't forget we are in the middle of the Susan K. Weckesser 5th annual Christmas Love Campaign... another way to spread the warmth this cold month (grin).  And please DO share your handmade gifts on our Christmas LOVE Campaign Facebook page!
Cheers! Lynne Mizera
Susan K. Weckesser Design Team Member 

Products Used on this Canvas:
Unity Stamps - Susan K. Weckesser Snowman
Susan K. Weckesser digital stamp - City skyline
Rangers Stickles and Liquid Pearls
Acrylic Craft Paint and Watercolor paint
White Gel pen


  1. Love Love Love this Card!! the snowman is so cute!.. Great Job Lynne

  2. I saw this on Facebook. It's amazing!!!


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