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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Getting Back to my Creative Roots...

Long before I discovered scrapbooking, paper arts and paint I was working with glass... stained glass mosaics to be more specific... but slowly, as I tried to fit more and more creativity into my busy, crazy life, all my stained glass projects got pushed further and further to the back of the line... until finally all my glass stuff was in the garage and I was in the house! 

But my dream has always been to retire and then have three days a week to work with paper and paint; three days a week to work with glass; and one day (Sunday) for my hubby and the dog (Grin).  Now, after two and one half years retired I am finally HERE... and I am so excited to be able to share with all of you my first stained glass mosaic piece in more than Eight years!!! (and the first of many more to come I hope).  Now it's been a while so please be KIND....

It's started out as a wooden birdhouse purchased at the dollar store and now I think it's worthy of a place of honour on my birdhouse shelf... 
It's a little bit rough and the pattern is still evolving since I don't EVER plan anything out ahead of time, I just let it emerge...

But I absolutely LOVE It... it is like a little bit of JEWELED loveliness.

Thanks for stopping by to share with me today and PLEASE let me know what you think of my birdhouse... and more specifically, Would you BUY one?? (smile)
Scrapbook Lynne


  1. Lynne! This is soooo amazing! You did such a fantastic job with this bird house! Love it!

  2. I love this so much!!! Must teach me how!!

  3. It looks lovely, I really like the little details around the sides.

  4. this look brilliant

  5. Lynne, I absolutely LOVE your birdhouse. I can see it hanging from the branches and enhancing the garden with sunshine sparkling off it (who am I kidding? More like rain dripping from it at the moment!). Yes, I think these are saleable - it's the kind of thing you might buy for a gift, or to treat yourself.

  6. Wow, super duper job!!! Love the bright, lively colours you chose for the glass. Do you break it yourself
    and just fit it in where ever? I have seen other items done, (not a bird house), but trays and such using old
    china teacups and saucers that are misfits, so it wasn't too upsetting to break them with a hammer.
    I think these would totally sell, you could bring them to the Crop For Critters for display, and give
    people a link to your blog and store!!! Maybe even sell some at the never know, Christmas is coming up!!

    1. Jennifer - to answer your question - No Idon't use old china, I use stained glass scraps that I get from a stained glass artist because she isn ot allowed to throw the glass in the garbage, she has to find a different way of disposing of it... and then I use glass nippers and a grinder to shape pieces for my patterns... it's really quite easy once you learn how to NOT keep cutting yourself (grin). And if there is enough interest I will teach a class on this one day... SMILE

  7. Lynne, this piece is seriously beautiful!

  8. Ok, you have totally blown me away with your birdhouse!!! This is so cute and the colours are fantastic. Looking forward to our scrapping journey together with Challenge Yourself. xx


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