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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Gratitude Adjustment

Well, so much for my promise of regular blogs (guilty smile)… but really what a ride the last five months have been!  In May just after I turned 50 an amazing book came into my life titled “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne and it started me on a journey of daily gratitude and joy!  I start every morning being truly thankful and grateful for the amazingness of my life today (no matter what is happening – smile) and I end every day with a quick review of all that happened that day, choosing the one thing that was my favorite, BEST moment of the day and saying a quick “thank you" for that moment before I fall asleep! and you know what... Life just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER these days and even the "hard moments are joyful!
Birthday Flowers from My Sister-in-Law!
In June I attended a five-day Brave Girls Camp hosted by Melody Ross and her sister Kathy Wilkins in Star, Idaho.  Imagine, Empowerment and healing through ART! It was LIFE CHANGING! 
Melody, Me and Kathy

Our Group... I MISS YOU GUYS!
Me at my art table in Star, Idaho (see the stars?)
In July my amazing grandboys (who are 8 & 5) arrived for a 35-day visit -woo hoo!  I spent the month of August RECOVERING from the 35-day visit!  (it was totally worth it though!)

My Boys (Charlie's Angels?)
and this is what it was like most days!! LOL
In September I started Brave Girls Art School and discovered my Inner Artist and my life has changed YET AGAIN! 
Brave Girls Art School Lesson 1 - doodled Funky Flowers...WHO KNEW!
And as I reflect back upon the past few months I have to share with you that life has taken on a very rosy glow since I started focusing on all I HAVE in my life instead of moaning about all I don't have in my life.... I call it a GRATITUDE ADJUSTMENT and I encourage you to give it a try!


  1. Thanks for sharing Lynne. As always you are positively glowing. You have an amazing attitude toward life and are such an inspiration to us all. I must check out that book!!

    1. Melanni, thank hyou for the kind words! (PS I didn't ALWAYS have an amazing attitude toward life- GRIN) We totally NEED a girl day! I cannot possibly share it all with you in a post or even on the phone! LOL Maybe we need to book something NOW - I do Have one weekend in October still not filled with EVERYTHING - otherwise it will be January 2013?! Seriously who KNEW you could be this busy NOT WORKING... Laughing here!

  2. Your words and story about your journey is inspiring! Thank you for reminding me to think positively and contemplate my own gratitude adjustment. I'm grateful for YOU and all that you are expressing through art and scrapbooking!

    1. Kelly I am truly honoured that you think so! (NO REALLY!) and humbled that people actually READ what I write (laughing here!) Because as I wrote to Christina below.... I really, truly created this blog so I could have MY say - UNINTERRUPTED! Thank you again for the very kind

  3. Hi Lynne. It's nice to see you again. I used to be on the cms design team. I really love your blog, it's close to the heart and meaningful. You are a very bubbly kind person who makes everyone laugh and smile:) That book you suggested sounds very interesting, and I think we can all benefit from it. I have one of her other books, The Secret- it's about believing in yourself, a powerful read.

    1. Christina!!! OF COURSE I remember you - big smile! I had no IDEA anyone was really following my blog! I created it as a way for me to get to have my say UNINTERRUPTED! (laughing here) But I am so glad that you find it meaningful because I am really, truly sharing from my heart and soul.Smile
      Now I strongly encourage you to have a peak at the book "The Magic" because it actually gives you a detailed step-by-step plan to follow every day! I LIKE books that actually TELL YOU what to do to change things instead of telling you about everyone else that changed their lives, which kinnda leave me feeling a little bit like "So if it doesn't work it must be ME, right?!" PLUS I haven't even gotten to the end yet! LOL, just doing the first three or four exercises have caused a huge change... ANYWAY... Keep in touch and I will try to post more regularly... probably typing just to YOU! Big Smile

  4. Great to find out a bit more about you Lynne! Keep up the good work!
    Joyce Shaulis

    1. Thank you Joyce! It was empowering reading this again today, especially as there have been so many bends in the road since I wrote this, but my life still has a Rosy Glow!


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