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Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's an ARTchix BLUE ATC Swap AND My First EVER Give Away!

Have you checked out "ARTchix Studio" yet?  In my opinion these women have created the ultimate arty, scrappy store and they provide us with some truly unique products and classes as well as great customer support and service.  They even have a tab called "Inspiration"!  You can check them out here ARTchix Studios

This month I am participating in their "BLUE" ATC swap... For the first time ever I created seven Artists' Trading Cards (2.5" x 3.5" cards) in the theme "blue".  I was required to use at least one ARTchix product, but since they have the most amazing digital ephemera that you can download right to your own computer after purchasing... that was pretty easy to do!  I have to say the miniature canvas was a bit of a challenge, but once I realized my card was a mini scrapbook page I had no problems.  I am now mailing six of these cards off to Nikki Smith in Oregon and she will sort through all the ATCs she receives and mail me back six cards ATCs created  by other people from all over the world... HOW COOL IS THAT!  But since I made SEVEN ATC's I thought I would do a little give-away... just leave me a comment on this post by April 10th and I will do a random draw for the 7th ATC and mail it off to YOU! (if you want one....grin)
Water color paint background and silver foil

Heavy bodied paint and a platic fork for the background and a taperunner and gold foil... waaaay cool!

Gelatos gave me the blue background and modpodge and silver foil gave that great distressed look

Heavy body paint and double sided sticky rubons with a silvery foil gave me this simple yet elegant look

Water colors and tape runner with goild foil

So Good LUCK everyone.... Leave a comment if you want a chance to have one of these ATC's...Grin


  1. Lynne! They are ATC truth cards! You are so talented! I love them all!

    1. Janet, when I did the draw for the Blue ATC Card "You" and Candy came out stuck together (grin) so I am sending her the Blue ATC card, but I am sending you a little something I have been playing around with... ENJOY!

  2. mmmm, be empowered, that's my fave, the image of the woman in the bottle, now that's deep! so many ways to look at that? has she been contained? or has she distilled the essence of herself and captured it in a fine vessel, or is she looking at life thru a murky glass, and the butterlies are hovering lightly, showing ther the way.Magical work my friend!

    1. Candy I picked YOUR name out of the hat..... so I am sending you a Blue ATC card in the mail (smile) Will you please confirm your address by e-mail...

  3. I love them all! You are so amazing!!

  4. Heck yes I want one!! I love how talented you are and so glad to have you in my circle! Beautiful Lynn!! XO

  5. You are talented! I think I like the first one the best, but then the more I look I like ALL of them. I cant wait for the end of June so I can see more of your stuffs in person!!!!! <3

  6. WOW Lynne!
    Your ATCs are awesome! I love making ATCs too...but mine are not quite that impressive!!

  7. What beautiful cards, Lynne! I'm always at a loss of what to DO on and ATC and YOU have mastered it :)

  8. Lynne
    You are definately talented. I love these ATC cards, they say "truth cards" to me with the inspirational sayings on them. I even noticed the "be brave" on one. Love how you used SO many techniques and you made these little cards look like big master pieces.
    You rock!!


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