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Monday, March 18, 2013

Hearts and Home and Spring...

I have been thinking a lot about my home these days and how much I LOVE where I live.  I have come to realize that this house has become my haven from both the physical and emotional storms that seem to be hitting my world lately.  Now, it could be the sunlight that is streaming through all those winter-dirty windows but at this time of the year I just NEED to clean out the dusty corners and rearrange the furniture and go buy paint.  Plus, there is something about Spring that makes me start "nesting"... you know, throwing out the old, making old things new and just changing stuff!   And since I am in full Spring Cleaning Mode right now I felt the need to share my joy in my home with all of you through this little card which perfectly expresses how I am feeling!  So go and look at your home Right NOW with "new Spring eyes" and remember again how much you too Love where You Live!
To make this card I used a myStamp Box stamp set called Lovely Houses which I painted with watercolors; I used copic markers on the backgound and popped everything off the page for interest... after which I OF COURSE "stickled it" to death ... grin


  1. I love this Lynne. The houses are one of my favourite sets. I love the stickling ;)

  2. Holy Crow Lynne! This card is GAW-JUS!! Love it!


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