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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sock Monkeys Anyone? (Grin)

Birthday Card

For this month's myStamp Box blog post I want to introduce you to Mr. Sock Money... the My Stamp Box Holiday Monkey stamp set  of this cute sock monkey that you can dress up for all occasions.   

Merry Christmas Card
I think that he is just so perfect for any occasion that I just went to town and made six cards with HIM as the STAR!  

And by using acrylic craft paint, some stencils and my brayer I easily created these pretty funky backgrounds in record time!  

To make these backgrounds just squirt a little paint onto a plastic placemat and load up your brayer, you will be able to see pretty quickly how the paint lays and you can keep adding paint or even a second color until you achieve the effect you want. 

Then use a makeup sponge and a second color of craft paint with a stencil to add the background images.  I just LOVED this technique because I could so easily control the amount of the paint I was using plus I could get a really crisp image, (unlike when I use the sprays which I find a little messy).  

Birthday or "Gift" Card

For this background (above) I rolled on blue paint first, let it dry and then rolled green paint over top.  Then I used a plastic fork to make lines in the wet paint. I love both the texture and the subtle color change.
Birthday or Congratulations Card
For added detail, just pull out your black pen and outline some of your stenciled images.   You wouldn't know it by looking at them but these cards came together in a very short time indeed!
Valentines or Anniversary Card
 For this valentines day card I made my own stencil by punching out a heart shape in thick cardstock.
Birthday or Get Well Card
So if you LOVE Mr. Sock Monkey as much as I do... hop on over to the myStamp Box site and check out the Holiday Monkey stamp set!


  1. Oh I love this sock monkey fella! Great job Lynne! Those words are perfect for you! *(love)* *(grin)* *(smile)*

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these sock monkey cards Lynne! Wow! And thanks for your tutorials! I so want to go try some of these techniques now! LOL!


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