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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday WOYWW#383

Here we are, Wednesday again and time to link up to Julia Dunnit's wonderful weekly blog hop-around-the-desks-of-the-world over at the Stamping Ground!  Here is my space this morning...

Where I have been crazy busy meeting my design team deadlines and making stuff for a brand new On-line mixed media magazine called Mixed UP Mag ...... Go HERE to find out all about that!
And playing with my Magenta Nuance dye ink powders... Which I LOVE! 
I have some wonderful tutorials scheduled over the next few weeks so do come back to visit and see! (And if you sing up for "follow me by e-mail" you will never miss a post ... just sayin'!! (smile)
Sneak Peak of one of my projects coming up on the 8th
Now this week marks the six-month anniversary of being in my new creative space, and the six month mark is when I seem to have an epiphany about how I should reorganize my space to work better for me... so in one 24-hour marathon reorganization, moving, cleaning session I revamped my entire space to look like this...Grin.
The biggest change being to push both my worktables together to form one giant work surface on one side of the space and opening up the other side - where I do all my messy, painty stuff while moving around so I stop bumping into the table and dropping paint and mediums all over the floor...

But more importantly to me, I have now created a lovely big work surface where the new friends I am making can hang out with me when we create together ...SWOONHow I wish you all could come visit...Smile.

Now on the home front I was asked to post a photo of our brand new barn-shed the Mr. Awesome is building with the help of his amazing Dad... 77 years old and still as young as ever!
 The lumber used to build this shed was cut from the trees they removed to open open up this amazing view...
And next week I am sure I will be able to share some spectacular photos of the river valley as the trees begin their annual fashion show...happy sigh.

And finally to finish off here are a few photos of the yard in all it's beautiful autumnal splendor - messily natural looking since I got tired of weeding about a month ago and have just let it go. Grin
OH Yes... and the vegetable garden has finally come to an end with the harvesting of the last of Mr. Awesome's babies... the Watermelon!
What a PROUD Poppa don't you think?
Now that really is all for now as I need to go finish more projects ... Happy WOYWW everyone! (Go HERE to learn more about this wonderful weekly fun hop)
Lynne Mizera
Mixed Media Artist

PS: Did you notice the name change on  mhy blog?? Smile



  1. Aye, Lynnes Art World - and it is a world indeed - I am so in awe to see your creative room and what a project wow...
    I am glad that I passed by your wonderful place. Thank you ever so much for sharing.
    Kind regards and Happy WOYWW
    Mariane #48

  2. Wonderful pictures! Your studio looks beautiful and your artwork is fantastic - so bold and colourful. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #46

  3. I don't know which I love more, your crafting space or your outside space. Both gorgeous! I will come back later and check out your next posts, that tag you showed is gorgeous! Love all the colors. Dorlene #42

  4. I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous - I AM JEALOUS, darn it, LOL! I'll suggest to my hubby that we should emigrate to Canada - looking at the house prices, we would get so much more for our money there, even considering the falling pound. Let me know if there's a house for sale in your neighbourhood! ;) Loving your ink play - looking forward to your upcoming tutorials! I was going to mention Mixed Up Mag on my blog too, but forgot! I've already subscribed!

    1. Oh, Zsuzsa - DO PLEASE MOVE TO CRESTON...can't think of anything I'd like better than to have you down with road and playing in our area! xo

  5. Zsuzsa's comment made me smile because I was going to say much the same thing - what an incredibly beautiful place you live in! The barn looks great and I did love the pic of your Mr with his watermelon! Your craft space is looking amazing and yes, I do wish I could come and visit...sigh....... :-D
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xxx

  6. What delicious colour all around you - I suspect you're having way too much fun in this lovely valley - well done my friend!

  7. Those powder inks so do make some amazing color!
    Your space looks so awesome. I'm not real sure what it looked like before, but it looks so open and airy! I'm sure you and your friends will have a lovely time creating in there.
    Hope #36


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