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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday #385 (WOYWW)

HELLO and Happy Wednesday everyone!! (Imagine me Smiling and Waving like  mad!)  It's been a few weeks since I have been able to link up to "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday" over at the Stamping Ground, but I have lots and lots of really good reasons why. (grin)
So here's the desk today... wonderfully messy with lots of creative activity going on as I finish up all my October design team projects and get a head start on November's duties. (And I have not even started my own Christmas cards!)
In this close up I am giving you a peek at the Peerless watercolour portable palette book I created with wipeable mixing flaps... blog post coming soon. (If you Follow Me or Follow Me by E-mail you won't miss it)
And this close up is showing you how I keep my stuff... out in the open where it's easy to see and easy to reach - lazy-susans are my friend.
and Yes, like a sponge, I expand into every inch of available space until I cannot find ANYTHING and have to stop and clean up!
And as I have been unable to link up for a while I have been remiss in sharing this photo of the amazing prize package I received last month from Nikki C. of Graphix and Design.  Her generosity Blew My Mind!  THANK YOU NIKKI!

So my BIG NEWS (and the biggest reason why I have been so busy) is that Mr. Awesome started his new job this past Monday after being off work for over a year.  It is an out-of-town position and he will be home only on weekends but it is exactly what he was looking for.  We have been busy moving him into his new apartment only 90 minutes away, but through one mountain pass and over one summit so not driveable every day, twice a day.  (A small price to pay for being able to live in the
Mr. Awesome with his baby Watermelon
So here I am being happy and sad all at the same time, because even though I am so happy for him (since he feels he is still too young to be retired) I have loved having him here beside me every day all year long as we moved into our "forever" home and made it ours.  
But on the brighter side... I now have the house to myself all week long and only have to really clean up on Fridays.  I envision many lovely long hours spent in my pj's being creative and drinking either coffee, water or wine depending on the time of day.
On the home front, even though the vegetable garden is now finished producing and all the plants have been pulled I continue to be crazy busy harvesting with a garage full of green tomatoes turning red, vines dripping with concord grapes and have I mentioned the Walnut tree?  Who KNEW one tree could hold that many walnuts?!  Nine five-gallon pails and counting!
And now for a whole bunch of pictures as I just have to share the amazing views we are enjoying right now as the trees begin their colour change here in our backyard and in the river valley... 

And as we just celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday last week here in Canada, I have a few more photos I took to share with all of you...
This is the Thanksgiving bouquet I cut from the last of our flower garden...
A lot of rain in October meant a Rainbow over the yard
The sunset shifted slightly after the equinox in September causing  our Mulberry tree to glow like it is lit from the inside for about 15 minutes every day... I HAVE to try to paint this!
and Finally... there is something about the lone coloured maple leaf on the lawn that just "Hello From Canada"... Happy WOYWW Everyone! (Go HERE to find out more about WOYWW)

By Lynne Mizera, a Mixed Media Artist in
Creston, British Columbia, Canada



  1. WOW!! well worth waiting so long for a post from you - happy news all round and gorgeous photos as well! hope Mr Awesome loves his job, and you love your creatively packed weeks till he comes home! Your home and the surrounding scenery looks amazing (love your craftroom!) Helen #1

  2. What a fab post! Love the autumnal colours - such gorgeous views you have, can see why this is your 'forever home'.
    I can imagine it will be a wrench when DH goes off to work you having had him at home for so long so it is as well that you are planning all the nice things you will be able to do whilst he is away - welcoming him home at weekends with a big smile and a lovely home cooked meal.
    You just enjoy that BIG BIG desk you have to work on. Am green with envy.
    Hugs, Neet 2 xx

  3. Awesome post! Loved looking at all of the photos! It is difficult when both of us are home 24/7 and I keep telling Chuck he needs to find a job! Loved snooping around your desk! A lot of fun thing to look at! Enjoy your fun time crafting in your Jammie's! Have a great week! Vickie #11

  4. I'm so pleased for you and your seems like perfect timing to me - he had the year off to sort out your house and now this job has come along. Fate!
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xxx

  5. Hi Lynne. WOW! So much space and so many gorgeous things to look at in your room. So glad for Mr Awesome that he is now in work again. Trusting you will both flourish in this next season of your lives. What an amazing garden! Those pictures were great. Autumn is arriving late here this year, the colours are only just beginning - but yours are just beautiful. The only time we ever came to Canada was in October, and we SO enjoyed seeing the colour - some lovely memories of that holiday.
    Take care. Enjoy the pj days. God bless.
    Margaret #6

  6. Your craft room is awesome, so busy as a bee's hive. What a great prospect of spending hours and hours in a pj with a glass of wine and crafting, sounds like heaven to me. Happy WOYWW Vicky #9

  7. What an absolutely wonderful blog post so interesting to read and so many wonderful things to look at . Your certainly are lucky to where you live and I can feel how happy you are! I hope that Mr awesome soon sets settles into his own apartment and you will enjoy your weekends together greatly. In the mean time I hope you really enjoy your PJ days accompanied by a glass or two of vino! Elaine no. 16

  8. Hello, what a lovely post. You live in an amazing place, I am very envious!!! Visited Canad few years ago - travelled Calgary to Vancouver for a fortnight, also went to Vancouver Island - loved it all. Congratulations to your husband. Was wondering when weather worsens will he get back at weekends? Have fun creating all week. Anne x #23

  9. I'm really liking the idea of hubby working away during the week! You don't even have to cook for him and you can do whatever you want, i.e. art all day, and you can still see each other at weekends. Perfect arrangement - this would be my dream come true, LOL! Love your watercolour folder idea - will look out for the tutorial! (grin, LOL!) zsuzsa #22

  10. You have been busy! Your room looks wonderfully creative. Congrats to hubby on his new job. I think there would be both pluses and minuses to having him away all week. Lots of lovely goodies you received!

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #34

  11. WOW! What a beautiful home! Congratulations to Mr. Awesome, and I'm sure you will also love your time to yourself with your wine/coffee, sounds like my days too! My hubby is home, but curling season has started, so his day is work (he gets up before I do) - nap - curling (I usually eat dinner alone) - home to eat dinner (I'm in bed by now) - and bed (I'm lucky if I'm still awake when he comes to bed!) So I really only see him about 3x a week! Your desk looks VERY creative, and I love your watercolor palette book. I also like to have everything at my fingertips, I sit in my chair and swivel around 360 degrees to get almost everything I need! Have a great day! Thanks for sharing - Lindart #43

  12. Busy desk indeed! It looks like you're having a blast with all kinds of fun stuff.
    Congrats to the Mr on the new job. It sounds like you've got a great attitude about him being gone most of the week. And, you've got a fabulous place to enjoy that alone time. Thanks for sharing those wonderful views!
    Hope #45

  13. It's great to see you and your post is full of life and fun. Very happy for mr awesome That's just great. Love the sight of your desk, it speaks of fun

  14. I know you don't know me, but can I come live with you? ;) It looks to me like you live in paradise! I love your desk and your craft space! So much to see and so much creativity going on! Have a great week! Heather (waywardgypsy) #50? #51?

  15. Happy WOYWW. I think that we would all like to at least come and visit you. Mr Awesome would not even know that your house was taken over by lots of crazy crafty women during the week! I love walnuts and never seen them fresh from the tree. Congrats to Mr Awesome by the way on his new job - and I hope he is comfy in his apartment during the working week. I know what you mean. I love to have the house to myself (hubby is out tonight - and then going away from Friday-Monday), but of course it is wonderful when he returns. I get a lot more done around the house when he is not here - but I also have the freedom to escape to my craft room whenever I want, or sit in front of the tv with my laptop. Less cooking, less laundry, less mess .......!! Your craft room is glorious. What a wonderful bright space. Ali x #27

  16. I'm so happy for Mr. Awesome! Happy yet sad for you as I know I would feel the same way! Spent a few days in Ontario and I swear I saw the same rainbow! Your craft room is really a nice big space and so bright. Have a great week.
    Chris # 31

  17. Lovely house you have and pleased Mr Awesome has found a job he really wants. With that gorgeous craft room you will have plenty to occupy yourself while he is away. Have a great woyww, Angela x 17

  18. So glad it made it too you and may you be able to use all the bits up :) always amazed what you can fit in a flat envelope. Your space is just so nice and big and how fantastic to have a walnut tree in you backyard I love one happy woyww hugs Nikki 7

  19. Ah Lynne you can't beat walnuts fresh like that, my friend up on the tablelands had a big tree like that and loved those nuts. Wonderful news fir dear hubby, what a blessing to get a job he wants, shame about the travelling though.
    Love your desk, so like mine and my habits. Shaz in Oz. X 31 Ps love Autumnal shots too.

  20. Wonderful news and views! Take care Zo xx 29

  21. Fantastic post, project and workspace and BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Mr Awesome on his new job too, thanks for your visit to my own blog

    Happy (belated) WOYWW

    No. 33

  22. Glad you're back. Nikki's items are all fantastic. I too expand to every area and then have to clean up. Congrats to your dh on the new job. Love all of the home photos. Happy WOYWW week! LisaDV #35

  23. What a great post (LOVE seeing the chaos in your studio) Lynne. I know Mr. Awesome is going to love his new job, and having him home on the weekends with ignite that love candle all over again! :D

  24. You live in stunning surroundings! Sooo beautiful.
    I love the Fall photos you have presented here.

    I also like your presentation very much. I kept my
    creative soul in chains too til I decided that my
    freedom was worth more than making a career just to
    earn more money.

    Happy inspiring wishes!
    Have a great weekend!

    from SusanLotus nr 32 WOYWW.

  25. Congrats on his job. Never easy working aware from loved ones and home (I worked away from my hubby for about 18 months, returning at weekends) but its worth it for the right job.
    I will look out for your watercolour tutorial too.
    thanks for visiting my desk already

  26. I'm late arriving but the heartfelt congrats on the new job to Mr Lynne are no less important! Love your photos this week, I'd so love to live in Canada but there's no way I'd get a visa so I just have to live vicariously through others.

    Morti @40


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