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Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Fund Raising Effort to Help out an Artist In NEED...

I don't often do this.... Well actually I've NEVER done this before... but I am participating in, and spreading the word for a fundraiser for an incredible artist and just down right nice person Mr. Guy Gondron.   
The Strawman from Guy's Wizard of Oz Collection

I came to know Guy through the Copic Marker Scrapbooking design team I was on for two years, he was the artist who drew a lot of the digital stamps for our team and he is incredibly talented.  But he is going through a really rough time right now and could really use our help. 
From Guy's Owl Collection
About 18 months ago Guy underwent major surgery for tonsil cancer; he survived that and the ensuing chemotherapy as well as learning all over again how to chew and talk and be the NEW Mr. Guy Gondron; He was just getting his life back, working and painting again when on September 11th, after months of major and minor symptoms,  he was diagnosed with a muscle wasting disease called Autoimmune Dermatomyositis which is related to his cancer.  (Go HERE to find out more about his condition or to DONATE)
From Guy's Legends Collection
Once his diagnosis was discovered his employer immediately fired him (I guess they can still do that in the USA) and that is when Guy found out that there is no welfare or social assistance of any kind for single, unemployed males in Arizona - there is if you have dependents, but not if you don't.  This man is out of options.
The Dragon from Guy's Wizard Collection
So we, his friends, have set up a donation site for him and we are participating in this little fund raiser to help get some money into his bank account right now for basic things like food and rent... then we will look at organizing a larger, auction-type fund raiser with donations of items from artists all over the world for you to purchase.

For this event Guy is offering up this wonderful set of digital stamps that he created for a good friend's little girl.  They are renderings of her most favorite stuffy - Mr. Stinky (see photo below), and up until now only available to her.  I colored four of the six images in the set and I have tried to stay true to Mr. Stinky's original coloring.
The Original Mr. Stinky
I just love how Guy has captured the personality of this little guy in just a few strokes of his pen... He is so VERY Talented! I made cards with Mr. Stinky sharing things that I think he would want to say to his young charge.

So if you would like to own a set of these awesome Mr. Stinky digis AND help out the artist at the same time... you can buy the entire set for only $5 - please GO HERE to BUY MR. STINKY ... All funds go directly to Guy for his Meds and living expenses.  Right now he is unable to work, or draw or paint or even walk without aid - and this week even driving became an issue - sigh. So THANK GOODNESS For friends!

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Scrapbook Lynne 


  1. Lynne good on you! I tried to do this but the item is being listed as sold out. I guess there has to be more available on the site. I am eternally grateful to live in a country where every person is taken care of medically and socially. Yes we pay higher taxes but in the end what is money if your neighbour is hurting!
    Cyber hug to you.

  2. Lynne, as Stinky's "grandmother", I can tell you with 100% accuracy that Stinky would very much say those things to the Kittenfish! You captured him perfectly! Thank you so much, dear friend, for all of your help with this!


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