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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Is HOME a Place? A Page from My Art Journal

Good Morning everyone … today I am sharing another one of my Art Journal pages with all of you, and just to recap my personal guidelines for art journaling are: 1) to use whatever leftover bits are in front of me after a session of creating and 2) to give that little voice in my head free reign and to do whatever it guides me to do - no matter what.

Now to be totally honest I started doing this Art Journal thing as way to help me to clean up my counter space since I seem to have a hard time throwing any little bit of anything away (Grin)… but the experience has now evolved into a very personal process and it has become a way for me to express feelings that I find I am suppressing or even hiding from myself.

This page started out as a pretty fall page using all those colors that resonate so strongly in my soul – yellow, orange, amber, gold and brown – but it ended up being a reflection of the emotional upheaval I am experiencing even thinking about moving away from the home that I love so much… the home that my hubby and I have created from the ground up over the past 13 years here in the foothills of Alberta.  I had not even realized I was having all of these feelings until I “uncorked” the bottle I keep that little voice in and all of this poured out!  The creative process took me to all kinds of crazy places… Like tearing a page out of an old book (Freudian stuff here?) ripping it up and gluing it down in a blob(??)  And paper piecing the Susan K. Weckesser house stamp in monochrome colors and fencing it in(?!).  But it was the final step in my process that was the most revealing...

picking up that black pen to doodle where ever it felt right… and then putting that same pen down and writing from my soul… and what came out was so honest and then so cathartic and finally so healing…

"Is “HOME” a place? Or is “HOME” a feeling that we can create and re-create wherever we are?"  And then I realized that even if we do move, the memory of THIS home will always be in my heart… and that I know I CAN have (and will have) this feeling again now matter where I live.

So thanks for stopping by to share a tiny piece of my soul with me today.  I hope it helps you to reflect on what HOME means to you in your life right now.  And you know I LOVE when you leave me some blog lovin' in the form of a comment!


  1. Lynne, this is absolutely gorgeous and so heartfelt. Where are you moving to? One thing is wherever you may go, there is always art and creating to take with you :)

    1. Thank you Lee-Anne for reminding me that HOME is inside me and all the stuff that really matters comes with me where ever I go! We are not moving yet... but we are starting to look around...sigh.

  2. I love your style, very inspiring piece.

  3. Just read your post and you have me in tears!! You are a true artist inside and out. You share your
    story so fully and passionately both in your art and your journal-ling. Incredibly honest and brave to
    reveal your inner thoughts that come straight from your soul! Keep on, keeping on!! You are
    an inspiration to many! :)...Love this piece of your art journal and hope you will frame it!


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