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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Submit! Submit! SUBMIT! ( A Shout-out to Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine)

This Month I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY to discover that my layout had been chosen as one of the "Editor's Pick's" in the Fall issue of Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine!!

And along with the reward of being published I also received an entire prize box of goodies - Whoo Hoo!

But, although the gifts were wonderful to receive and being chosen was a fantastic suprise, it was the words written by Editor/Owner Jackie Ludlage that really meant the most to me - because I created this layout from my heart and someone recognized that.
I made this page because I had all this expensive watercolor paper on which I had been practicing washes, and it was TOO expensive to just throw away.  So I stamped and cut out and layered things overtop of my favorite washes, allowing my "inner artist" voice to have free reign for the first time Ever! Here is the link to my post about this project if you want to know more (smile) ... but in this post I want to talk about submitting your work and submitting it Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine.
Sometimes it is hard to submit our work to be "judged".  We put our heart and souls into what we create and we only send in the projects that we think are worthy of being seen by "the world", so if it isn't chosen it's HARD!  But don't take it personally if your first or second or even third submission isn't picked, and DON'T Stop submitting.  You just never know what they are looking for.  I don't know how these people who publish us even choose one layout over another because they receive so many wonderful projects and layouts for every publication, but I do know that they try to fit in as many layouts and projects as they can.  And if you have never been published before you actually have a better chance of being chosen because they always try to publish "first timers" above us OLD Timers!

And it's SUPER EASY to submit a layout for consideration... just take a good quality photo of your project and use their on-line form to send it to them.  If they want to use your layout in an issue, you will receive an e-mail asking you to mail them the original (which will be returned to you) so that they can photograph it for that issue.  It's THAT simple and you will receive a free copy of the magazine for every layout that is published.    

One of the most wonderful things of all (I think) about this amazing Canadian scrapbooking magazine is that not only do they publish only Canadian submissions, but they also publish every style of project from very clean and simple to over-the-top layered and detailed.  And they include the name of the designer and where they live and many times little details about the process and design tips. But for the rest of us to share in your beautiful work... you have to take the chance and SUBMIT!  So take a chance and send something today... you just NEVER KNOW! (grin)

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  1. My draw dropped to the floor when I saw your piece in Canadian Scrapbooker last week! You are over
    the top brilliant in creativity! I just love what you made and thank you for encouraging others to submit
    to Canadian Scrapbooker!

  2. You go Girl - that is fantastic and so is your delightful layout!

  3. Congrats, Lynne! Totally gorgeous creation.

  4. Congrats Lynne! They should be proud to publish your fantastic layout!

  5. Woo hoo!! Way to go girl! Your layout is incredible Lynne! Congrats!

  6. Lynne, You are truly an amazing and talented girl. Your work is absolutely amazing and it does make us all smile. Congratulations!!!!


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