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Friday, November 11, 2016

Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers "Z" is for Zentangle!

Hello everyone... I am super excited about our challenge today over at The Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers because today it is "Z" is for Zentangle!
I have been "tangling" for a few years now (since 2012 I think) and it is one of my very favorite things to do.  To "Zentangle" means to create intricate patterns by following easily created, repetitive mark-making one purposeful stroke at a time.  This wonderful method of rythmic doodling soothes my crazy OCD brain, lowers my blood pressure and makes time stand still as I go to my happy place.  Plus there is the added bonus of having all these wonderful pieces of art to use when I am done.

But as Zentangling is a something that may take a time or two to get the hang of I thought I would share a bit of a cheater creation to encourage you to link up... 

I used a page from a Mindware coloring book, which I had colored using my Copic markers, and then cut out and mounted on a stretched canvas,
which I then proceeded to embellish mixed-media style using a few leaf stencils and some of my many different pastes... 

After which I outlined with sharpies and enhanced with Ranger Liquid Pearls...
Now isn't this a great way to get your beautifully-colored pages out of your coloring book? 

And for those of you that would like to know more about Zentangle... here are a few of my latest "true" zentangled pieces using one of my favorite teaching books. (I have two books which I absolutley love!)
This one is a favorite because it gives me great instruction from four different accredited, Zentangle Instructors; because there are pages right in the book for me to use and to practice on; and because it shows the main pattern and then variations on that pattern as well as what you can do with the variations in both black and white and in color...swoon!
I have also discovered that coloring your tangled pattern entirely changes the feel of the piece and covers up any little imperfections...
And I have also learned that you need to be gentle with yourself while you are learning and to stifle that "critical voice" and allow yourself to play, play, play!

You can find out more about the practice of Zentangle HERE at their official site and I can highly recommend the $49 Zentangle kit to help you easily learn and practice this wonderful art form.  (And YES, I have one and YES, I still use it!...Smile)

So a bit of a different post for my Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers challenge this week, but I wanted to show how easily you can tangle up an entry of your own, or you can do what I did, print off a pattern, color it and make it into something to share!  Because you know we always choose a Queen and Princesses of Snark for every challenge!  Remember you  have until Friday, November 25th at 11:59 pm EST to link up your Zentangled creation!

Lynne Mizera
for the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers



  1. Stunningly beautiful work, Lynne! Jo x

  2. Awesome canvas. yes colouring makes it a totally different piece.

  3. Love your canvas sistah!! You clearly have this zentangle thing DOWN!!

  4. Wow, wow, wow! I am totally lost for words, your art is awesome!

  5. Gorgeous canvas, Lynne! Maybe next time, I'll try colouring mine!

  6. What a fun idea, Lynne - more ways than one to skin an iguana! :D

  7. Wow, love your "cheater" piece, but it is obvious that you love to "tangle"! Thanks for the tip about the book-- my 13 YO "tangles" a lot... this will be a great xmas gift!

    1. Oh Mimi... I do Hope you can find it because it is an amazing book and has helped take me to the next level!! Thanks for the visit and the come

  8. I love the canvas. I have the Zentangle Untangled book but don't do it very often. I keep meaning to bring it to work with me because I have downtown eveytime I upload something.
    Anyways, love your creation.

    1. Oh Chelle... you should totally bring it to work! What a fantastic idea... Thanks for the visit and the lovely comment!


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