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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW) #388 And "The Morning After Trump Becomes President of the USA?!

It's Wednesday... but not the usual Happy Wednesday for me because it is the morning after the US Elections and Donald Trump just became President of the USA.  I live in Canada and only 15 minutes from the US border... 
I was not feeling very secure or very happy when I awoke this morning, but as I was sitting at my desk trying to decide what to write for today's WOYWW post I experienced the most amazing sunrise... 
A magnificent scene of the mist rising from the river valley as the sun rose from behind the mountains on the Canada/USA border.  A sign that all will be OK?  That's how I am choosing to see it! 
So Happy "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday" Everybody!  (If you  are new to this weekly event over at the Stamping Grounds, go HERE to find out more about this wonderful weekly blog hop).  So now On To MY Desk!
As you can see I am in full swing with my Christmas card and Christmas tag making.  Christmas card making is a labour of love for me and I truly enjoy making cards to send to family, to friends I have hugged and to friends that I have only cyber hugged.
I am a little late this year as I usually start making my cards in August while camping, but this year the new house and huge, new garden really put a kink into my schedule.
I make cards until I don't feel like making cards any more; it may be 10 or it may be 100, every year is different.  I like to make card families - three to six cards that are similar - and then I move on to a new idea.  I have a LOT of Christmas card ideas.
The only problem with this method of making and sending cards is that I don't remember who was sent which card... grin, but everyone seems to like what they get. (Note: I am still working on those shaker cards... they seem like a LOT of work!)  Now for those of you that popped in last week and giggled over my enthusiastic excitement about my playdate and wished me well, I  thought I would share.
Yes, we had fun and YES! it absolutely exceeded my expectations as we played and messed about all day long with inky paper towels and paint and ink and stamps to create 8x10 mixed media canvases.
This is my canvas, still a work in progress but isn't it a fantastic technique?  I love that you never know where it's going to end up. 
And finally I am sharing the beginnings of an idea birthed as I was applying some excess paint into my Art Journal, left over from creating Christmas card backgrounds.  What do  you think about this background and this stamp?  Come back next week to see how it turns out!
Happy WOYWW #388 from Lynne Mizera in Canada with autumn leaves in my hair.




  1. FAB post, gorgeous pix and splendid makes. Many people are reeling from the decision of the majority of Americans in voting for a President who's never been known as a politician - we can but wait and hope ...

    Happy WOYWW

    No. 35

  2. Just beautiful variety of lovely cards. Yes the USA has a new man in charge. We needed a BIG change and I truly have faith there will be new and better ideas and more of the working together to help us all a little more. Hilary was a trooper and she will still be a great asset in her line of work. Just glad it's over and on to hopefully better things. Enjoy a lovely week Your outside photos are awesome

  3. what a gorgeous sunrise - and yes, let's try and be positive; otherwise we will all be bitter and twisted! LOVE your cards - you are a fabulous card maker, I wish I still enjoyed making them.. maybe I should take a leaf out of your book and crack on with them.... Helen #2

  4. That is a stunning sunrise indeed! Let's hope it's heralding something good across the border as well. Some people believe that Trump was misrepresented in the media and that he's nothing like he was portrayed. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt and hope for a better future. Loving your Christmas cards and your enthusiasm! It's a good idea to work in series like that. The canvas is awesome too - really like how colourful it is. You look cute with leaves in your hair! I've been collecting leaves too for a LB project. They're fun to paint on! Enjoy your week, Lynne! ;)

  5. Hi Lynne, what glorious scenic photos! Great card selection too- I've been using the 'half a dozen' method this year too. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #8 xx

  6. Wow - what a lot of cards! i finished my first 6 Christmas cards today in a class, hopefully it will inspire me to do some more! As my Hubby assured me last night, the sun did come up this morning, and the sky was till blue - although your sunrise was awesome!. We will just have to wait and see how he does. Thanks for sharing! Lindart #47

  7. Lovely artwork! The beautiful view certainly cheered me up on this sad day. I woke up feeling the same way, but hopefully there is still good in the world. I just know a lot of people of different backgrounds who are frankly feeling scared.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #39

  8. When all appears to have gone mad in the world, it's a wonderful thing to be able to look outside our windows and view such beauty isn't it? And just as good is playtime in the studio - marvellous that you have both this week!

  9. Ooooh, your canvas is marvelous!!! And so is your outside view... yes, it's giving hope to see that beautiful sunrise. We in Holland are in shock too over the outcome of the elections... a lot of Dutchies sat in front of the telly all through the night. Because of the time difference, broadcasting started at midnight overhere and it was 7.30 when the final 'call' was made... you could see at people's faces during the day who stayed up to watch - I'm glad I took some hours of sleep myself but what a night (and day) it was! Hope everything will settle down and turn out ok in the US. Hug from HOlland! Marit #15

  10. I love your Christmas cards! And I love the way you go about it making "as many as you feel like making". I wish I could feel as hopeful as you... here in Northern California I woke Wednesday to dense, blinding fog. Seemed appropriate. :) Have a great week! ~Heather~ WOYWW #51

  11. I have decided to take the same attitude about our new president. But I will be able to say I told you so if it all goes bad. LOL. Love all your Christmas cards. Looks like you have been very inspired.
    April #36


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