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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

An Art Journal Page - "And Then She Goes Home."

Hello Everyone - Today I Am sharing another of my art journal pages with you.  This month Susan Weckesser encouraged her Creative Team over on the My Sweet Earth Blog to see our world with new eyes with a focus on our own backyards and our gardens. Now this resonated with me on such a very deep level as I am spending the first year in our new home, one that we hope to be in until we are ready to move into assisted living (in about 30 years - we Hope!).  So here is the two-page spread I created:
The inspiration for this came from the quote I used which really did say it perfectly for me... 
I have been fortunate to have been able to travel to many wonderful places in our beautiful world, making Art and friends along the way, but at the end of each "journey nto the World" I Always Come Home.
And to me My Home is still the place I love the most in this World!  
Our Front Yard with Cherry Tree in Full Bloom

And the back of the house (I am standing in our vegetable garden)
So Why don't you go out into your own backyard and see what you can see With New Eyes and then come back inside and make your own Art Journal page!

Scrapbook Lynne Mizera

Susan K. Weckesser Products Used On This Project



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  1. WoW !! What a super double pager. I really love the colour and vibrancy of it. You certainly have a gorgeous home and a wonderful garden :-D

    IKE xx

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    1. Thank you Ike! I am so glad you liked it... and YES! We are still pinching ourselves that we found this home in January... Happy Sigh...

  2. What a fabulous and inspiring project...Thank you x Full of colour, interest and gorgeous sentiments x

  3. Wonderful spread, and what a very lucky lady you are to be so well travelled and live in such a beautiful place! :D

    1. Thank you Win... And yes, I feel blessed and grateful for all the wonderful-ness in my life today!

  4. I live vicariously through your pictures! LOL! I adore your art journal pages! Love the colors! What a wonderful sentiment and that birdie in the tree stamp is adorable! Your home area is gorgeous and I'm so jelly of your veggie garden! If "he who should not be named" wins the presidency, can we come and live with you?! LOL!

    1. Oh how your comments ALWAYS make me laugh out loud Girl! And "He Who Is Not To Be Named" and I have already discussed if we win the lottery we are buying out our two neighbors on the acre beside us and turning their houses into Guest Homes ...grin. SO shall I'll add you to the guest list? Thanks for the blog Lovin'

  5. You live in an amazing place, Lynne! I wouldn't blame you if you didn't want to go see the world, just stay at home all the time. I certainly would do just that! Who needs adventures when you have tranquility! Loving your page and the quote! Thanks for visiting my WOYWW post -sorry it took me this long to get back! Hope to see you again on Wednesday for another round of WOYWW!


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