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Saturday, April 30, 2016

LifeBook 2016 - Lesson #2

Happy May 1st Everyone! This is a quick post to show you my latest lifebook lesson completed - Number 2!  I found this one was particularly empowering and yet Still FUN - Gotta Love That! 
The idea is to list the stuff you want to leave behind as you start the year and showcase the stuff you want to reach for.  Tamara created a beautiful zentangled butterfly, flying towards the sun,  a trail of stuff she was leaving behind flowing out behind the butterfly and the sun full of empowering words... I loved the concept but the butterfly - not so much, so I was kind of stumped until I decided my word was going to be GROW... well then the concept of a flower, growing towards the sun, being fertilized with all the Sheee-ite from the past, just popped fully formed into my head!
I added this figure at the final stage and as soon as I glued her down I knew the page was complete.  I am really LOVING my Lifebook journey this year.
Thanks for popping in to see my latest creation, and please do leave me a comment of you like what you are seeing!
Lynne Mizera (artist) Grin

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