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Sunday, April 24, 2016

My Lifebook 2016: A Pictorial Journey Through a Mixed Media Piece

Today I have finally completed the first lesson for Lifebook 2016 - a year-long art journey into the world of mixed media art techniques, and also, if you want it, a path to emotional healing and personal empowerment as well.  This is my third foray into the Lifebook world and every time I follow this path I learn a little more about who I am as a person and as an artist.  I have learned so much about myself and my craft through this course with Tamara LaPorte and every time I take this journey I peel off another layer of old, yucky stuff and uncover some more of the Original Me that I am trying to get back to.  So here I am - 17 weeks in - finally at a place where I can give myself the time and attention these weekly classes deserve.  I hope you stop back in often to share this newest journey with me!
GROW: mixed media on 12x16 140lbs watercolor paper.
The word I selected for my Lifebook journey in 2016 is "Grow" and the vine surrounding my figure is the image that appeared to me during the meditation that was provided for this lesson.  Surprisingly, I found myself spending more time on creating the vine than I did on the face.  I am very excited about the end result of this piece and I am looking forward to more deeply exploring my artistic soul in the coming year.
Face detail: watercolor crayon, Prismacolor pencils, Acrylic paint, Black waterproof ink pen, White paint pen
For this first lesson I purposely took photos at each stage along the way because I wanted you to see the "start to finish journey" of a mixed media piece, and to show you that there are many stages along the way before you get to the final result.  I had a few blocked moments when I allowed my inner critic's voice to get loud, but then I  just told myself "Seriously Lynne, it's only paper!" and trusted in what my wee voice was telling me. I hope you enjoy this mini lesson and that it gives you courage to start your own artistic journey this year. 
Nameste - Lynne

Making the face, following along with Tamara LaPorte on my Ipad

First layer - watercolor crayons - just get something down so you can change it!

The beginning of hair... don't overthink it... you will add and change it a lot before you are done

Introducting acrylic paint and black and white pen details to the face

I kept working on face until I liked her

Adding collage background ... First Block... because I liked her so much I didn't want to Ruin Her.... Very normal... just keep going and DON'T fall in love with any stage until you are finished!

At this point I decided to paint out my wee birdie - it just wasn't resonating with me

I overstamped the entire background using Duylusions Paints and the brand new stamps I just carved on that morning

Drawing the hair back in which I had overstamped - I used Prismacolor pencils for this - and creating the vine from torn paper

Outlining the vine in white paint pen
Tracing the white with black lines to make them pop
Face too perfect (too flat?) so I added more shading and details to both face and hair to make them both softer
Something is missing... I fought my inner artist for while about this step, but finally decided to trust it and I accented my vine using Ranger Liquid Pearls
After much thought I picked the word "Grow" for this piece and for my 2016 Lifebook Journey.
I hope you enjoyed this pictorial journey through my mixed media piece, and please do leave me a comment if you liked what I shared...

Lynne Mizera
Mixed  Media Artist



  1. I think your inner artist knew what she was doing. The Ranger Liquid Pearls gave it something special. Very Pretty.

    1. Thank you Lisa...I am so glad you stopped by... Smile

  2. And the use of your stamp gave a beautiful depth to your garden.

  3. This is a gorgeous piece Lynn!!!! Ever bit of the process was beautiful. I took Lifebook last year but didn't finish all the classes so I told myself NO this year. Tamara is such a loving person and I miss her sunshiney outlook in life. So glad you get to play along so I can live vicariously through your blog :)

    1. Oh Shel... I didn't fi ish my classes either...grin. But I grew so much that I decided to Invest in myself again... This particular project came together so quickly that I KNOW I learned something last year!!

  4. Hello Lynne, this is such a lovely painting. Such a bright colourful theme running through and the work you've put into the vine and its flowers is amazing. I have only just joined Life Book and am working on the same piece. It's very inspiring to see different interpretations. Tamara is a wonderful teacher and I love all her work.
    Thanks for sharing all this with us.

    1. Dear Robyn... Thank you for the lively comment and the encouragement... I would love to see and comment on Your first piece when you are done... And please do come back again!

  5. Wonderful take on the lesson and I'm glad to see you're using those gorgeous stamps already! Love the progress photos!

    1. Thank you Zsuzsa... I cannot believe I ended up covering up my entire background with my stamps after AGONIZING over what quotes to use... And now you cannot read a one?!? Grin 😂

  6. THANK you for sharing!!!!!! Just beautiful!!!!

  7. THANK you for sharing!!!!!! Just beautiful!!!!

  8. I think it's so cool to see the evolution of this piece - it's like it was growing right along with you. So many cool techniques employed here. It truly is a beautiful work of art!


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