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Friday, June 7, 2013

My ART Journey...

It feels like FOREVER since I have posted any pics of my art journey.  I have been so busy trying to keep up with the crazy number of on-line courses for which I have signed up AND trying to meet all my art and friend and design team commitments, that I haven't had a minute to stop and photograph and post any of my projects, so in the interest of time (and my NEED to SHARE) I thought I would just create one HUGE ART POST.... with pics of a lot of the stuff I have been playing around with these past few months... ENJOY!!

This is an ART Journal page I created for a Circle Journal I am currently participating in... I Loved it so much that I had a hard time sending it off.
The request was to create a page with an Art Journal feel using a quote from van Gogh... I used my dylusion sprays, water color paper, Donna Downey's flowers stamps by Unity stamps and my favorite dragonfly by Magenta stamp - 

Because I loved this entire page so much I am now creating a canvas using these colors and this design.

These next photos are the March lessons from my Life Book 2013 classes... I am learning all kinds of great art techniques through this on-line course... it's like going to ART School! Here is a journal page about messages from my heart to the people I love...

This next pic is kinda cool... my first ever attempt at painting people that I drew... Big "Me" and Little "Me" - it was an amazing experience... and a caused me to access and drain a deep pool of sadness that I didn't even realize I was carrying around. You can feel the emotion coming off the page!
Now I really struggled with this next assignment because I had to choose an animal to represent myself... and after some research and reflection (and a tarot card reading)... I chose the BADGER!  A seriously COOL animal!
This was also my first creation using the Mantra - "Don't THINK.. Just DO!" and I have to tell you it really does work.

These next three photos are from a fun Life Book exercise to set some ART goals for ourselves in this coming year - and again I just allowed this page to evolve, trying not to think too much, and I do love how the doodling turned out..
Again it took me longer than I thought because I really wanted these goals to mean something to me... 
and I have to say that I really love how my Goal "cards" turned out - created from a deck of old beat up playing cards!
So that's it for now... although it is already June (Really?!) I am now starting on my April Life Book lessons but I am not worrying about it at all.. As Mr. Badger Says... "I am just Walking my OWN path at my OWN pace!" Grin 

Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me again... and PLEASE feel free to leave me a comment - I do LOVE hearing from you!
Cheers! Lynne


  1. I'm loving this side to you Lynne great journaling.

  2. Don't forget to step OFF the path sometimes Lynne - there's a whole unchartered world out there!
    Love all your art adventures. Keep having fun!

  3. I love them all. I can see why you had a hard time parting with your circle journal pages they are fantastic.


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