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Thursday, June 27, 2013

She's A Doodling Fool...

Last week I received a surprise in the mail... a handmade journal just for doodling created for me by my good friend Janet J.  She is an amazing artist and she begins every day by doodling in her Daily Journal... and I would pay money for what she creates! (You can check out her stuff here). 
 Truth Card Janet doodled for Me!
I have been itching to try what Janet does for a long time now and holding her gift in my hand, covered with her amazing doodle-art, was just the little push I needed to finally get started. And OF COURSE I want to share it with all of you!

Here are my first few attempts:  It was surprisingly easy, especially if you love the pens you are using and if you take Janet's advice and do it while you are watching TV or listening to the radio, or in a meeting, any activity that allows you to keep your surface mind busy so you don't over-analyze and you just let it flow... Come on and give it a try!
If you are having a hard time getting started just draw a simple shape somewhere on your paper and fill it in with a pattern.  For this little 4x4 inch square I started with a teardrop shape and filled it with swirls - then I added a second tear drop next to it; then I created a flower shape; then I went back and completed the row of teardrops which made me realize I needed a second line of teardrops; after which I just started filling in the background without thinking too much.  I added more color as my doodle evolved and I really didn't worry too much if I liked it or not, I just Did it.
Another good way to start is to draw a letter or simple word like "love" and fill in each letter with a different pattern and/or color, again just let it evolve. I created this 4x6 inch card for a friend, starting with her name, and I filled in one letter at a time, letting each letter have it's own personality.  Then for the background I just started adding straight and curvy lines, allowing the background shapes to "grow" around my word. For this card I didn't add the colors to the background until after it was completely filled in with shapes.  This gave me the freedom to pick just the right colors after my doodle was done.

And this 4x6 inch card is my most complicated doodle to date... I love listening to the birds in the morning as they "Sing up" the Sun and here is my interpretation... Artistically simple I know, but the mental process was surprisingly sophisticated and my artistic brain felt very, very satisfied when it was completed.  It was a lovely way to start my day!

Thanks for stopping by to share with me and I encourage you to go play with some of your favorite pens and paper to create your own doodled ART... (smile)

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  1. Doodles rock. Just sayin'. Yours are fantabulous!!


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