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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!!

Well Happy Halloween Everyone - today I want to share with you my first ever Haunted House creation.  
These days I am totally addicted to making little houses and everything miniature to go with them.  I use the Tim Holtz Village Dwelling die as a base and let my imagination do the rest.
I have discovered that if I give myself total freedom to imagine and create, I will end up with an amazing and unique little structure.
It was interesting to me that when I was putting together this wee haunted house, no matter how hard I tried to create a creepy, scary, kind-of-evil little house, it just kept being cute; even the addition of a skull and spiders didn't do it.
So what I learned from this is that I do believe that I have more bubbly, positive and happy energy than the opposite, and I just don't want to scare anyone - which is not a bad thing, right?
So thank you for popping in today to see what I am up to and to enjoy more Halloween projects, some a lot scarier than mine, pop on over to the Mixed Up Magazine blog today where you will be amazed at the creativity and imagination of my team mates, (I know I was!).

Lynne Mizera, Spooky Paper Artist
for the Mixed Up Magazine Design Team




  1. Glad you didn't scare us with this unique and adorable project. So much interest, love all the fun elements, amazing and fun. You look like you enjoyed this one? Thank you for the inspiration x

  2. Great house, Lynne, and as you say, the perfect reflection of your being. Well done!


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