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Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Little Picasso Anyone?

HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone!  I am welcoming in the new year in a new way for me, Today I am celebrating and sharing PABLO PICASSO.  Whether you Love his art or hate it or just don't understand it, he was a man who lived his life HIS way doing what he loved exactly how HE wanted to do it and he left his mark on our world.  Personally I LOVE his art and how it makes me feel... the energy, the sadness, the confusion, and I guess that's the key, He Makes Me Feel... 
Le Reve: (the sleep) Pablo Picasso 1932, Oil Painting
But it's his BRAIN that I am in love with the most! I never knew just how many wise and witty and wonderful things he said and left behind for us to ponder. I have discovered that I too want to make my mark on the world; I want to live MY life MY way; and I want to make art that makes YOU feel.  
Art Journal Page, Lynne Mizera, 2015 Watercolor and Pen
So today I am bravely sharing two of my journal pages as I begin my journey into the world of drawing and painting and try to pull out stuff from my own brain while honouring Pablo Picasso and sharing just two of his many, many quotes that resonate with me!
Art Journal Page, Lynne Mizera, Watercolor and Marker
PS:  This is the book that I am using to help me break through the House broken Me and get back to the Child who used to be an ARTIST!!!
So have some fun today and google Pablo Picasso and then I'd LOVE if you would share with me in the comments one of YOUR favorite Pablo Picasso quotes!
Happy Drawing and Painting Day
Lynne  Mizera


  1. I adore your journal pages here, the colors and quotes are perfect. Great fun in discovering interesting information about a renown artist, thanks for sharing that

    1. Thank you for popping by! I'd love ❤ to know if you have a favorite Picasso quote...Smile 😊

  2. Great journal spread Lynne, I adore the warm colours. My fave Pablo Picasso quote is: "The purpose of art is washing off the every day dust."

    Love and hugs


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