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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Reach for the STARS... You Just Might Become One!

I spent last night surrounded by my pens and paints and watercolor paper, with Joanne Sharpe's Lifebook 2015 lesson on my computer, as I allowed my artistic soul free licence to just DO IT... squashing that critical, artistic-soul sucking voice that is ALWAYS there (Sigh.)  But I broke through some pretty significant barriers as I just painted and doodled and outlined.  There is something about the night before last day of the year that makes you want to review the past 12 months and either celebrate or mourn each event in preparation to move on and start fresh on January 1st.
My Lifebook lesson with Joanne Sharpe was one of the first lessons we received and I became so blocked (due to me placing unrealistic expectation on myself) that all year long, every time I wanted to draw and paint words, I felt like I was up to my waist in cement. 
So I decided to use my time last night to "JUST DO IT"!  When I began I hated what I was creating, then I loved it, then I hated it again...(grin) but I kept at it, listening only to the lovely voice of Joanne on my computer, and NOT that critical, soul-sucking voice in my head.  And as I worked I broke through the block, over-rode the soul-sucking voice and then I road the waves of creativity I was generating, like a surfer in Hawaii, to create these two wonderful pages.

And as I worked on these three pages (all at the same time) the words and phrases I was drawing and painting played over and over in my head until they were imprinted on my heart and soul and I felt filled me up with joy and anticipation for the coming year.  I now feel empowered and prepared for this Next Step in both my Artistic Journey and my Life Journey.
So Nameste to all of you my friends and followers, and I am sending you wonderful, joyous and celebratory energy for 2016.
Lynne Mizera

Products used on these projects:
Angora Watercolor paints
Derwent Inktense blocks
Sharpie Markers
Black Micron Pigma-05
Kirarina Wink Paint Pens 
Joanne Sharpe's "The Art of Whimsical Lettering"

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