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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Do You "Do The Zentangle"?

Pheeewww... December 28th and another Christmas under my belt... this year was particularly sweet as it was the first Christmas Dean and I have ever spent alone - Together (smile) EVER... but surprisingly I really, really enjoyed it and I hope you also had a wonderful holiday spent with the people (or animals) you love the best!

Well, I went from a blog post every day in November to very few posts in December as I recovered from a wonderful two-week holiday in Mexico and then Christmas, so it's CATCH UP time and today I want to share the "Arting" I made while on holidays. Yup ... I was still creating even on  vacation because I cannot go from creating something every single day for 30 days and then do nothing! So I packed my wee watercolor palette, a tiny art journal, all my gel pens and my five Sakura Micron pens (sizes 01-08) thinking I would finally have the time without interruption to learn this thing called "ZENTANGLE" that I heard about over a year ago.  So here is a photo montage (with written commentary of course!) of my wonderful holiday in Manzanillo, Mexico and the ARTING that I made while I was there.... ENJOY!

This small deck (with our own pool) is where I did most of my morning Arting

But I would move to the shade cover of this larger deck next to the tree tops in the afternoons

My tools (plus some sparkly gel pens)
My first ever attempt at using watercolor to paint what I was seeing....  I used gel pens to enhance the watercolor and add sparkle!

Here is the sunrise I kept trying to capture

as always my first attempt is my favorite!

This one is waiting for me to finish

but I think I captured the colors of that sky, don't you?
Learning Zentangle patterns
I used eyeshadow to add that faint hint of color (grin)
adding color with gel pens...

and playing...
And Playing...
And Playing...
And Playing... at the airport
I created these two zentangles on the plane on the way home...

between the very crowded plane, small seats and a sick baby that cried for five hours and NO entertainment systems (not even a group movie) they saved my mind! a TRUE Zen experience... smile
Well, I hope you enjoyed my Arting montage... don't forget to leave me a comment if you liked what you see - AND if you want to know more about Maria and Robert's Zentangle check out the official website HERE and I can highly recommend their Zentagle boxed kit which includes a HOW TO CD (which I purchased) HERE
Cheers (and Happy Arting)
Scrapbook Lynne Mizera


  1. wow beautiful! Love your art journal and your watercolors! Those zentangles are stunning. I've been wanting to do some... but I'm still in the terrified stage lol

  2. I love all of your pages! I'm so glad you've been enjoying the journal. I have one and I like to use it when I don't feel like doing a great big page.:) Your pictures of Mexico are beautiful, too!


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