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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Challenge YOUrself... Our VERY FIRST Challenge...Behind the Lense

WELCOME to the very first challenge for the Challenge YOUrself site (drum roll PLEASE...) and Challenge #1 is: Behind The Lens  {create a layout using a self portrait OR selfie and list a minimum of 3 random facts about yourself}

Here is what I created for this challenge, and all these photos were taken using the Photobooth on my MAC computer... I do love that feature... and then I played around with the lighting to blur out what I didn't want to see (grin).  Yes, my eyes are really that blue... but my skin is not quite that smooth these days.
I am super excited about this challenge site because I think it is so important to get some of ourselves into our scrapbooks... I know we usually hate how we look in photos at the time they are developed, but five years from now you will be saying... "Hey, what was I thinking? I looked great!"  and for me... I want to leave behind a true snapshot of not only what I looked like, but also who I am... because one day I will be that white-haired lady in a wheel chair that my grandkids will bring their children to visit and those great-grand kids won't know what an truly amazing woman I am unless I leave something behind for them to share now.
For this layout I wanted to create something that reflected how I see myself and more importantly how I feel about who I am... so I created layers upon layers upon layers and then I glued my photos on top of all those layers... because I am a multi-dimentional being with many, many layers to my personality... some sparkly, some grungy, some whimsical, some pretty, some not so pretty, some loud, some happy, some sad - etc. etc.
But on my life journey I have come to realize that "I am PERFECT, just the way I am" and that I will never let anyone DULL my SPARKLE again!  So in a nut shell this is me... Grin
I hope you like what I have created and I hope you will feel empowered to go take a photo of yourself RIGHT NOW and scrapbook a layout which will include three things that you want everyone to know about you - (and then if you do all that WHY NOT link it up to our blog for this challenge? Grin)
A new challenge will be posted on the 7th of every month and you will have an entire month to get a layout in for that challenge... You may win a prize, but it really won't matter because I think you will already have won with completed layouts all about YOU for your family to share...Smile
Scrapbook Lynne


  1. I love your creativity, Lynne! Your layout is absolutely amazing! It is going to be so much fun working with you! Hugs!!!

  2. You are so right Lynne! It is so important to accept ourselves. I know for me, I love seeing photos of my grandmother and I think she's beautiful in every way! Your family will cherish all those "bits and pieces" of love you will leave for them in the years to come.
    Your layout is stunning and I love your creativity! So much fun!

  3. Your journaling should inspire lots of ladies to turn the lens around! You are such a talented and funny person and it's all reflected in your layout. WTG. xx

  4. I love this Lynn, with an important message!.. Very inspirational!..

  5. Such a fun and creative layout! I can't wait to find out what the next challenge will be!


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