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Monday, August 12, 2013

Celebrating the Simple Things

I have just returned my two grandsons to their parents after having them with me for three weeks - and it was an amazing, wonderful and joyful time.  I am not sure why grandchildren are so very special... I LOVED being a Mom... but being Grandma is something so entirely different, and so very, very precious that I have been trying to figure out what is DIFFERENT for nine years now! (Yup, Grandson #1 is NINE!)  I think it might be that none of my identity or value as a person is tied up in their behaviour like it was when I was the Mom... or maybe it's that I have learned that it really is the simple thing that you are doing Right NOW that make the sweetest, longest lasting memories.

Now when the grandboys are here I just enjoy the moment and try not to notice the little wet footprints all over the floor or the fingerprints all over my french doors - I can clean all that when they go home (grin).  Because NOTHING in this world can match the feeling I get when Grandson #2 comes down the stairs every morning saying "Good Morning Grandma! Did you have a good sleep?" Happy Sigh

I created this layout using Susan Weckesser's Living In Full Color paper line and several sentiments from her stamp sets to celebrate some of those precious, Right Now moments! 

Like a double scoop of ice cream or giant piece of homemade beef jerky eaten down by the river.  I also wanted to show you how you can scrapbook a "boy page" using flowers and butterflies and sparkle and it is STILL a boy page!  Susan's paper line makes it easy to impart a bright and cheerful feel to the page without it being too "girly", and I balanced sparkly stickles with some pearlescent stickles to give the page a little more down to earth feel. 

So while you are spending time with your family this Summer take a mental note of some of those simple things you do together so you too can make a memory page for their future.
Thanks for Stopping By and sharing with me and PLEASE Come Again! (grin)

As well as Susan's paper I used the following stamp sets on this layout:
Celebration of Simple
Create Your Day
The Happy Homestead
To see more of Susan Weckesser's products in use visit the My Sweet Earth Blog



  1. Absolutely gorgeous! So many great ideas on a single layout! Looks like it was lots of work but incredibly worth it! :)

  2. LOVE the page and even more, love the message! I'm trying more as a mom to enjoy the little moments too but it always feels like there's something else I need to be doing or rushing to get to that it's a challenge. Maybe that's the joy in grandparenting... you can concentrate on the kids while they are there because soon enough, they will be going home and you can carry-on your to-do list from where you left off from before. And knowing from my 9 year old's comments about spending time with Grandma and Grandpa, that's a pretty special relationship for all generations involved!

  3. Lynne, this is such an amazing layout! Your Grandchildren are so adorable and you captured those Right Now moments beautifully!


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