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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Playing with my ART Garbage!

As if I don't already have enough arty stuff piled up (hoarded?) around me in my studio... I have now started playing with my inky paper towels and Kleenex that I USED TO throw away! (Grin)  But really look at the amazingness that I am creating with my GARBAGE!  This is the first canvas I created using this technique - which you may have seen in the March, 2013 issue of Scrap 'n Art magazine.  
 There was no planning involved with this canvas, I just let it evolve as I created and you can see the pieces getting smaller and smaller as I used them up - but that was a large  part of the fun of making this - it was like finishing a puzzle!

To create the raw product is a really simple technique - I just use glossy modpodge to glue these inky paper towels (which are left over from creating other projects) onto sheets of tin foil and let them dry.  The colored paper towels become almost transluscent when you apply the modpodge and light hits the foil and bounces back so it looks a lot like stained glass.  

It may take a while for your pages to dry - especially if you have really piled on the modpodge but otherwise that's pretty much it.  I then cut out shapes and glue them down to pages or canvases to create something.

When I had finished gluing this set of paper towels down I laid them out on the floor to see what I could see and I immediately saw KOI FISH!  

Now I don't usually do a practice or prototype for anything, I just DO IT, but for this project, before I committed to a canvas, I thought I wanted to practice making fish... so I created this journal page of inky paper towel Koi Fish with a toilet paper background for water.  I use a roll of a cheap TP to blot when I am painting with watercolors - no need to tear off any bits, I just use the entire roll to blot - and this roll of TP had the perfect colors for a water background and came off in perfect water-like strips!
So because of this new technique I am playing aorund with now I can't throw away ANYTHING that I have left over from creating because I never know what I will be able to do with it!

Cheers - and thanks for stopping by to share with me - and as always - feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think!
Scrapbook Lynne


  1. This is awesome Lynne! your ideas are endless and oh so inspiring!!

    1. Thank you Peggy - but that's JUST how I feel about YOU! Grin

  2. WoW!!!!!
    Kiss from Spain


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