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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Am So VERY Thankful!

In case you weren't aware, I live in Alberta, Canada on an acreage just north of Calgary.  And if you have been watching the news lately you probably know that this part of Alberta has been dealing with some severe weather issues - if it's not water related (flooding) it's wind related (tornado's!) and we have even been having CRAZY lighting storms and HUGE hail ...larger than golf balls in some cases!  And all this weather has been swirling around our little acreage, but nothing has actually been a direct hit... (grateful sigh)  And as I watch the clean up taking place in the area, and help out where I can, I find myself saying a continual prayer in my head, heart and soul for our home still being safe and dry... I am SO VERY THANKFUL!

So I created this little card to give some tangible expression to my grateful heart... using Susan K. Weckesser's "Sail Away" stamp (again... grin... can you tell I LOVE this one... Bigger Grin) I stamped, colored and cut-out three images and re-layered all those pieces using foam pop dots to create dimension and layers.

I created my card base using 120lbs watercolor paper and a simple watercolor wash sprinkled with salt while still wet.  After it has dried you brush off the salt and you have this really great texture.  I used my black copic liner to draw in the horizon and the sun after I had glued down all my pieces, I also added some extra lines in the water to give a "water wake" effect.  

As always (for some stickles and liquid glass to highlight some areas and a wobbly black line around the edge finished off the card.   Thanks for stopping by to share with me again... and I encourage you to take a moment in your day today to stop and recognize all you have to be thankful for in your life right now - Cheers!!! Lynne
PS: If you want too see more crafting with Susan's great products stop by the "My Sweet Earth" blog


  1. Wow Lynne that is some crazy weather you are experiencing up there! Glad to hear all is well. Love your card! It's so gorgeous!!

  2. I'm so glad you haven't been affected by this craziness, Lynne! What a mess out there. It's a truly wonderful gift to be able to be thankful for all that we do have, isn't it?


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