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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What's On YOUR Workdesk Wednesday #372

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Here is the corner of  my studio that I am sharing today:
I am trying my best to make at least two of these WOYWW events a month and today is a pretty special Wednesday to us regular "deskers" as Julia Dunnit (our faithful and fearless leader) is posting from her site The Stamping Ground today for the very first time! Yeaaaah Julia!  And a HUGE Thank you to Jan the Lunch Lady who held down the fort for all these weeks while Julia was recovering... (Hugs). (If you want to know more about WOYWW go HERE!)  Now on to my post.. GRIN!
Today I am sharing my chair... it is as old as me (50ish) and is covered in Jane Davenport's Art printed on a silky cloth shower curtain which I ordered from Society6 but does not work in our new home - so now I sit on it!
I LOVE My Chair.  I have never had a space like this before which is totally and absolutely mine and has room for a chair. I use it to think, I use it to rest my creative brain, I meditate here.  
Sometimes I just sit and look out the window or watch my TV on the other side of the room.  It is mine and it makes me happy.
Now here is my desk... pretty clean huh, grin. That's because all my stuff is on the Other desk and IT is a disaster!  On this desk you can see my latest attempts at two Lifebook 2016 lessons in my journal (not completed yet - but a start)

That's it for the desk portion of this post.  Now I am going to post some more photos of Mr. Awesome and his vegetable garden!  You have to understand that in almost 20 years together Mr. Awesome Does NOT do photos... so for him to ask me to take photos of him in his garden, holding his "babies", is so out of character that I am not going to let this go by undocumented!  Besides, he is so CUTE ... Grin.  So enjoy this bit of photo history of our amazing vegetable plot here in the Creston Valley of British Columbia, Canada.
A wall of beans with carrots, zucchini, cabbages and peppers
Yes he grew 5 cauliflowers!
which I turned into 18 jars of mixed cauliflower pickle!
and now my favorite photo of Mr. Awesome holding his first squash like he is presenting a Grandchild... Giggle
But all teasing aside, this is something to be very proud of ... and I AM, So very proud of my Mr. Awesome!
 That's it for today... Thank you for stopping in, I hope you enjoyed my bit of the world today, and as always please do leave  me a comment if you like what you are seeing!
Scrapbooking, Canning Artist
Lynne Mizera



  1. Fab produce and a great crop from Mr Awesome.. I did giggle at your description of him holding it like a first grandchild! lol
    Fabulous space..and awesome chair. TFS. Elaine no. 15

  2. Awesome garden. We didn't get one out, but we did get the deer fence up, so next year for sure! Your chair looks so inviting with your art print on it. Your lifebook pages are fabulous as is. Happy Wednesday, LisaDV #33.

  3. Ok Lynne, first of all, I am smoking envious of your total "me" space! What a treasure and blessing! I hope you enjoy many hours of crafty heaven there! Now second, I am smoking envious of your garden!!! Mr. Awesome has done an amazing job with your veggie space and it also looks like you've done an amazing job with that canning! I did not do a summer garden this year, it's SOOOOO hot in Georgia, but a fall patch is on the "to do" list! I hope it will be as pretty as yours! Thanks for sharing and have a great rest of the week! Blessings, Felicia #40

  4. Hi Lynne, what a fabulous post! Love the shower curtain, and the way you love your room so much. Mr Awesome indeed! What a fantastic show of gardening skills. And I get the photo thing. My late Dad hated being photographed, and always managed to have his head turned/be out of shot. I think I possibly have the only two photo's of him since he got married! Taken sneakily when he thought I was photographing someone else, lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #3xx

  5. Hello Lynne. What a lot of beautiful news you have crammed into your post today. Your room is amazing - and all yours - wow!!! Phew - what a crop! Mr awesome is indeed living up to his name. Fantastic. I used to have an allotment (A British institution where you rent a plot of land to grow crops), but even in my best year I never achieved anything as superb as all that scrummy goodness. Well done Mr Awesome. Confess I am with him though - hate having my photo taken!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  6. Oh such magnificent vegetables! My Dad always grew enough to feed an army and we do miss being able to wander down the garden and pick lovely fresh produce. Enjoy! x Jo

  7. What a great post today! Your chair and its cover are awesome, as is Mr Awesome! His garden is fab. I really like the photo of him presenting his first squah. Something to be proud of! It is not easy to grow such beautiful produce, so well done Mr A!
    I am quietly envious of your craft space. A lot of families in Europe have less than that to live in, let alone play in. I can understand you love it and really enjoy sitting in your chair.
    Have a great week,

  8. Loved your blog post today and taking a private peek into your magnificent world. Fabulous chair and throw, very artsy. Mr Awesome does look so proud and well he might be. Thanks for sharing x

    1. Thanks Mac Mable (Now I have to ask - "Is that your REAL name? Or shall I refer to you as just Mac or Just Mable or someone else entirely? GRIN) And By the way, since this post went out on Wednesday, Mr. Awesome has been strutting around and crowing just Like a Rooster! Grin but since in 19 years together this has never happened, I am actually enjoying his JOY! Thank you so much for the visit.

  9. wow your craft room is amazing. mine is tiny and crammed full of supplies, but i love it, because as you said, it is mine. fabulous crops too - i have peppers growing on my windowsill, along with chives, rocket and basil. My potatoes are in the garden, don't think they are doing too well! Lea #50

  10. LOVE all of this! I read your stuff and feel like I am THERE with you. You are such an inspiration to me. And Mr. Awesome is, well..... awesome! Angela :)

  11. Beautiful Garden! It looks like it is a lot of work but very rewarding.

    I love your crafty space. The throw in your chair is beautiful, colourful and, I bet, inspirational.

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #37

  12. Wow! Great photos of your craft room and the garden. Dorlene #43

  13. Count your blessings to have a wonderful man like that in your life. Your craft room looks magical. have a blessed day, donna #41

  14. WOW! Now that is wonderful space you have there Lynne! You too are a Jane Davenport gal ♥ That's awesome. I adore her art and free spirit. I was so privileged to go to an Art Retreat last October ( my first art retreat ever!!! but certainly not my last!!!)
    If you ever have the chance you HAVE to join in on her fun ♥

    1. Say WHAAAT!?! Michelle I am so envious of your London Art Retreat with Jane (something on my bucket list for sure!) And isn't she just the loveliest, most fun woman with a crazy quirky sense of humour! She was the surprise last-minute addition to an art retreat I attended at Christy Tomlinson's home in 2014 where Jane was "one-of'us" and played as a student... I learned as much from just watching Jane paint as I did from Christy's instructions! Maybe one day we could both be at the same Jane Davenport Art Retreat? Tnow wouldn't that just be divine!

  15. Lovely produce and Mr Awesome is so proud showing them off, bless him! I can imagine a lot of work went into them. Love your comfy chair and not many people can claim to rest their behinds on Jane Davenport's artwork, LOL! Every time you show us your creative space from a different angle it looks new to me. So many nooks and crannies to discover! Enjoy your week! zsuzsa #28

  16. I love your creative space and love that you love it!!! Mine is my favorite room in the house and always my "awww moment" when I enter it. What a lucky chair you have!! I would that is definitely a shower curtain worth sitting on!
    Kudo's to you both on the garden!! There is nothing more healthy or satisfying than working with your hands!
    Live with Joy!

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment Kim... as I sit here sipping my morning smoothie made with fesh produce from our garden.. SWOON! You are so right that about the "working with your own hands" comment! (hugs)

  17. Oh darn, left out the word "Say"
    "I would say that is definitely a shower curtain worth sitting on"
    My brain goes way faster than my fingers! :)

  18. I really enjoyed your post today! It was great to see your craft space (love your chair!) but I loved seeing your garden so much. I grow veg too, so you tell Mr Awesome from me that I'm envious of his cauliflowers, I can't grow them in my soil. But we've got so many beans at the moment, we're starting to look like them 😃💖
    Hugs LLJ 11 xx

  19. Well you're quite right to be proud, Mr Awseomes garden is utterly awesome! love that you can grow peppers out of doors!
    Your craft room looks wonderful, personal, relaxing and creative for sure. I LOVE the chair, the story and the art on the shower curtain; I would say it's a story typical of a creaeative soul!

  20. You have one awesome craft space, Happy WOYWW from Vicky #34

  21. Wow! Thanks for the garden pics and of Mr. Awesome! I love my garden. I'll share a link next week if you and Mr. Awesome would like to check out. I am a strawbale gardener. Right now I'm fighting squash bugs but think I'm winning!

    LOVE your space. Yes, it is fabulous to have a space that is all your own. I finally got mine 2 years ago.. the kind with a sittin spot ... and while everything still isn't put away, it is MINE! Come sit with me? Creative Blessings! Kelly #38


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