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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday #373

Happy What's On YOUR Workdesk Wednesday Everyone! I am doing a quick tour of my space today and showcasing the door that leads from my studio to the outside paradise I am living in.. Happy Sigh...
And I am hoping to get this out quickly as it is already almost 9:30 in the morning here and I have so much to do these warm summer days as the veggie garden grows like it is on steroids! (See last weeks post for Those Photos!) NOTE: If you are new to WOYWW or want to know more about Why we do it and how it works - go HERE!
Here is my desk this morning - I am giving you a peek at the mixed-media canvas I am working on that I will be submitting for a show in September... I am crazy nervous about this piece even though My Inner Art Muse is dancing with joy every time she sees it! (Aren't we our Own Worst Critics?! Go figure??)
I am no where near finished, but today I will be working on the details of her face and maybe adding some stamping to the background. 
Here is the detail of her dress; I am IN LOVE with what I did on her dress!  I am trying to follow my inner artist's voice without over thinking the process but that critical voice in my head can get pretty loud sometimes and I have to walk away - Usually through the door into my garden -
And either I walk around the flower beds pulling some weeds or I sit under  Old Man Willow looking at the mountain to get some perspective.
Getting this perspective has really helped me to keep going on this canvas... but it still surprises me how loud that "mean girl" voice can get when I am feeling insecure about my own work... It is SO CRAZY!!
I spent the last week up to my eyebrows in mixed-media and did a number of tutorials on my blog... check out the last few posts for some really good Stuff! (Even if I do say so myself - grin)
The Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers "R" is for Resist Technique
ARTplorations Mixed Media Tutorial - Making Art Out Of Garbage
Susan Weckesser Creative Team - Home is Where You Plant Your Flower Seeds
And I am signing off now (it is already 10:00am!!!) by showing you this photo of the bit of my garden which I can see from the window where I stand when I am painting, because that is where I am heading right now to work on that lovely lady in my canvas!
As always thanks for popping by and please do leave me a comment if you like what you see!
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  1. Wow- you view is to die for!! I love all the canvases and yes I LOVE the birdy dress too. What a fab room to create in . Have a great week. soojay 13 x

  2. Lynne, I love coming by your blog! Your Studio is just gorgeous to me! Such wonderful light and your artwork is simply FABULOUS!!! Such a wonderful talent you are! I am in love with your yard! I loved your veggie patch pix from last week and these photos this week just add to my envy! LOLOL I know all about that inner critic person - she looms around my house as well! I have to continually stave her off with a little finishing spray right in the old eye! LOLOLOL You be blessed and encouraged as you continue to craft with confidence! Such beautiful stuff! :) Blessings, Felicia #37

  3. Wow is all I can say. Speechless! Love the canvas and the detail. Drooling over the other art. And the yard and outdoors. What a wonderful Haven Hugz Peg #8

  4. What a lovely view of the garden! Took a browse on your blog - you've got great tutorials. Happy Wednesday!
    Sheila #41

  5. I love everything you do! And I can so relate to that inner critic - you call her mean but I have a few other choice words! lol! Carry on my friend! Angela :)

  6. Your canvas is gorgeous! Love the skirt. I really like the canvas on the side of your desk too. You have an amazing view. Blessings, LisaDV #35

  7. As always, love bopping by your blog. You continue to inspire! Love your busy Creston summer. A bit envious of the garden. Being at zone 2, my Lilacs are finally on their last blooms.

  8. Awesome garden - awesome paintings. Love them....hugs, donna #49

  9. Thank you for the peep into your studio and wonderful garden/landscape. I can see where you get inspiration from just looking out onto that glorious outdoors. Loving the mixed media canvas..yes we are our own worse critics and as crafters I think perfectionists (in our minds). It is glorious...Look forward to seeing it finished too x Thanks for sharing, enjoy your day x

  10. Your canvas' are wonderful! You are also very organized. And that view...what an inspiration

  11. Wow! Your painting is amazing girl! Don't listen to that nasty voice. You know that I know what you mean. My nasty voice can be a real B&$%! sometimes. Anyway, I'm hoping to get crafting some more real soon. I entered WOYWW this week to show my new space. I can't wait to see that garden in person...until then I will be enjoying all the wonderful photos of it. (hugs) Jen (My Scrap Menagerie) #46


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