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Friday, May 13, 2016

Planting Seeds... Helping to Build A Room for Hope and Inspiration

Happy Day Blog land Peeps!  Today I am sharing the flag I created to help support the building of an Art room in a school being built by volunteers in Haiti. 
Here is an excerpt right from the Hope for Haiti site:

 "Hope for Haiti is partnering with Creative Scrapbooker magazine and Live Different to help continue building a school in Haiti and bring hope and art to the students who attend and the community they live in... the principal of the school shared their vision to someday have an outdoor "Art Room" that overlooks Cap Haitien below... a place where the students could forget about their difficult lives and just create, dance and play music.

Go HERE to find out all about the Flag Fundraiser and other ways you can help to support this cause. The flags we create will be used to decorate the Art room and to provide inspiration to the students using the room.  Providing inspiration is something very close to  my heart because you never know where those seeds of inspiration you sow will germinate and what beautiful something will grow out of them.  I LOVE sowing seeds!
I made a $35 donation and received this wonderful little package in the mail.  One look at that blank canvas flag and the ideas just started flooding in.
I wanted to create something bright and cheerful and inspiring, but also something that you could see clearly if it was hung up high.  So I decided I would try using my alcohol inks for their bright colors and waterproof characteristics. 
I drew random lines and squiggles on the canvas, not thinking about how or where too much...
Next I added golden circles using this new-to-me Pinata Color metallic alcohol ink by Jacouard called Rich Gold.  It looks amazing (as you can see by the photos).
I picked a flower for my image because it ties in so beautifully with my "Word" this year of GROW, and because I find flowers so incredibly inspiring and uplifting.  I drew the flower on my canvas using purple Sharpie marker...
and then painted all around it with white gesso, fading out the background and making that flower pop...
 Using Susan K. Weckesser's stamp set "Painted Sentiments"  I stamped the word "Inspired" in teal Stayzon ink.  
I pulled out details by outlining them using a black gel pen and signed my name... That's pretty much it.  I am returning this bright little flag to Allison Orthner in the mail today, and I hope it will be a little creative seed for someone on the other side of the world.
This is me with my finished flag in my yard... and YES those are my irises...Swoon
Just in case you want to know more about this wonderful project I am sharing the links to all the supporters of this fundraiser below.  Thank you for popping in today, I hope you enjoyed the lesson! Smile
Scrapbooking Artist
Lynne Mizera

Hope For Haiti Official Site (go to Shop tab for donation options)
Live Different Site (go here to find out about helping to build this school)



  1. Very cool and a great cause as well :)

  2. I love how you created the background firstly and then magically it became a beautiful flower! Very talented and a wonderful cause!
    Sharon M. Reinhart

    1. Thank you for both the lovely comment and the praise Sharon... Since I have always found your work so inspirational I value them both.... (((Hugs))))

  3. Love your flag! I just love the way you make what looks like a mess of paint look so beautiful in the end! That takes real talent and vision! Hugs!

    1. Oh Jennifer, How you make me LAUGH!! Since I know all about your phobia of making messes (especially glittery messes... grin) this was such a perfect comment from you! Mthank you for the high praise, and I promise when you come to visit we will try a Hot Mess project... Big Giant Smile

  4. Lynne, you are looking good. And so is your flag and the iris. A picure of beauty. Hugz

    1. Thank you Gail.... It's scary putting yourself out there for all the world to see, but this year I am embracing the concept of living a TRUE and REAL on-line life.... Smile. Your comments always make me feel good...(((hugs)))

  5. I must have missed this earlier, Lynne, otherwise I would remember seeing something as beautiful as this! And what a lovely cause too! I have some alcohol inks (including the gold!) and this seems such a great technique to try! Love it very much!


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