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Monday, September 15, 2014

LifeBook 2015.. Whoo HOO!

Well here I am again, making a heroic effort to re-establish regular postings to my blog... (did you MISS ME?)  
Here I AM Today, no makeup and in need of a wash, grin 

Today I want to share with you Effy Wild's blogpost about the upcoming Lifebook 2015...

Why? Because I signed up for Lifebook 2013 and the experience was life-changing, and I have been following some friends as they complete Lifebook 2014, and it has been incredible watching their art these past nine months, AND I will be signing up for Lifebook 2015, and maybe you might want to come and join me?
My Fairy Art Mother from Lesson 1- 2013

Learing to create a Collage... 2013
So, what is Lifebook?  It is the labour of love of British artist Tamara LaPorte and to give a brief explanaion, you will experience a year-long journey into the world of mixed media art where you will watch weekly videos by artists from all around the world and learn from them as you create your monthly project with the bonus of additional weekly projects to try if you have the time.  It is like getting a year-long art education, and as I already mentioned, I found it LIFE CHANGING!

And an added bonus is receiving information on how to use many, many different products, most of which I already had in my stash but had never really used...
Check out Effy's Blog for more details... and maybe come and join me on my ART JOURNEY in 2015.
Scrapbook (and painty, inky) Lynne

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