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Friday, January 25, 2013

A Month of ARTY Stuff....

This month (year?) I have embarked upon a journey of creative discovery.  I have challenged myself to learn new things and to DO new things and to push my artistic boundaries way outside my box! and boy have I EVER done that!  I signed up for two on-line arty programs (one free, one purchased) and they have been keeping me hopping all month long!  

The first one... Creative JumpStart 2013 the brain child of a lovely German artist, Nathalie Kalbach.  Every day in January I receive by e-mail a link to a five to ten minute video created by either Nathalie or another wonderful artist in the scrapbooking industry/community and I get to learn about another technique.  This is a FANTASTIC idea especially when I tell you that she doesn't charge anything for this (although you can make a donation if you want to support her endeavour!)  Watching these short videos really does give me a "creative jumpstart" and lights a fire under my little creative butt! (grin)  And every e-mail contains all the links and passwords to the ALL the videos to date so even if you sign up at the end of the month you will still receive ALL the videos... Check it out Here! You can expect to see some of the stuff I have done with some of these techniques next month!

My second and much more intense endeavour is called LifeBook 2013 and is a creation of a British artist, Tamara Laporte of Willowing Arts.  It is a year-long adventure into art, art journalling, art techniques and a huge commitment to myself.  I am creating a year-long journal for myself and at the same time I am learning to draw, paint and the most important to me... to unchain my inner artist, allowing her to fly free and express herself through pictures.  

There is a new project every month and a new video every week.  You can do ALL the weekly projects, or just the monthly ones, or whatever appeals to you... it's YOUR course.  There are a couple of on-line support blogs and a private face book site and I am absolutely overwhelmed by the amazingness of all the people in this arty community, their positive support and willingness to share their work even if they are scared to death of criticsm.. (which NEVER seems to happen!) and their outpouring of love and support is truly freeing! 

So I would LOVE to share this creative journey with all of you and I will try to do a post every month so you can see what I am up to.... GRIN.... Let me know what you think and send me some Cyber LOVE!

Practice Exercise #1! My Fairy ArtMother... the idea was to create a safe and kind creature to look at so that whenever I hear myself making negative comments about  my art ability to look at her and imagine what loving comments SHE would make- I LOVED what I created!

Official Exercise#1- to create the road that I am travelling down this year with all that I am already grateful for in the clouds and all that I want to work on in the flowers.... I chose to WALK down my road this year with a grandson on each side
Bonus Exercise #1 was about imagery and words... I chose flowers because I LOVE the beauty and the "Plant a seed and see what blooms" analogy and then I filled my beautiful garden with words that mean things to me this year...

This is a compilation of all that I have learned so far this month, created for a dear, dear friend that lives far away and I will be mailing off to her soon.  I want it to remind her of me and of us and of what a REAL friendship means....

Please feel free to send me a comment, I would love to hear what you think!

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